Arsene baby..
Today,me + your daddy + your siblings took our family picture without you. My 1st birthday without you. Thank u for 8 wonderful years. Something missing in the picture. You. I miss you so much.
Today,I spent hours crying on my bed. I'm sorry but I just miss you so much. Do you miss me?
I still remember the 1st day I had you. Just like yestersay.
I miss you I miss you I miss you!
You always be here in my heart, I love you.
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Chels, all these 'first' times without our little fur angels are so very difficult. They are such a huge part of our life and every event, birthday, trip, etc reminds us they are no longer physically with us. I'm sure Arsene watches over you daily, love, the spirit, the soul continues forever. Blessing to you and prayers for peace.
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I know how you are feeling. My first birthday without my babies was this past August 16. I didn't do anything special, did not want to. My babies both loved to sing me happy birthday along with everyone else. I couldn't do it this year. I imagine all the firsts are going to be very tough. I feel the season change and it is so depressing to know that Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are around the corner. How am I going to pretend I'm ok? It is going to be a very rough rest of the year for me. We miss them every single day but those special days are especially rough. Praying you find some peace.
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