It will 4 weeks FB_IMG_1585316694483.jpg    in 3 days since I lost fur baby, I cry daily, feel  I'm being kicked in the chest cause I miss her so much. I feel my heart is broken into a million pieces, it's obvious that I needed her more she needed me. Does this pain ever ease up? I cannot even look at pictures of her without crying. I'm mad, I'm so sad and I feel so much guilt. I have told myself over a week it will get better, but it hasn't at all. 
Joy 💔
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I am so sorry to hear about Betsy. It has been a week for me and I cry daily. Coming here and sharing has helped me as others understand how we all feel.
I think eventually the pain will ebb but not sure if it ever truly goes away. It just lurks . I do know the happiness Fancy brought me totally outweighs the sadness. I just listen to her windchimes from my home office and remember her jumping in my lap as I worked.
Just take each day as it comes. 
Prayers to you 
alan farlowe
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i'm almost fourth months in Sunshine10474, it does get easier i still think about my baby boy almost daily, still have him as my screen saver, i found this forum very helpful and got me to a place i am today, i still miss him like crazy but slowly the memories have started to bring comfort and not as much sadness xxx
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