I miss him so much. I feel like no one understands
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Dear Kevin,

WE understand. You have come to the right place my friend. Welcome to the Rainbow Bridge Forum. Despite the unfortunate circumstances.

We look forward to hearing more of your beloved's and your story. When and if you are up for sharing with us.

My kindest regards & sincerest condolences,
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We do understand and our hearts hurt for you.
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I am very sorry for your loss of your very handsome and special boy. People here understand your pain. When I lost my boy Jagger, people around me didn't understand why I was so upset and in so much pain. People here understood. There are amazing, compassionate and understanding people here that are not judgemental.

It can help to post feelings, pictures and stories about your sweet boy, when and if you are ready.

My condolences,
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Thank you for sharing the photo of your stunningly handsome boy. Every loss is uniquely different, but the members here on this forum have experienced the loss of a beloved pet and know how difficult and non-linear the grief process is. You will find a plethora of kind individuals here who are always willing to listen and share experiences.

Warm regards,
K. Unger
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