Everything hurts. It has been three of the longest days of my life. She left us too young At only 7 yrs old from an accident that never should’ve happened. I see her pictures everywhere and my heart hurts. We should be on a walk right now. We went everywhere together, we had a bond like nothing I can explain. I feel so lost and lonely. Stella was the sweetest, happiest and most gentle human like dog with eyes that spoke to me. I’ve been saying three things when I do my deep breathing. “Stay with mama and time to be free. Please forgive me. I love you, Stella” I wish I could see a sign she is still staying with mama. 
Amy McWilliam
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i am so deeply sorry for your loss. I also lost my best friend 2 days ago. The worse day of my life by far. Mine was 3 years old. And had a cardiac arrest after dental surgery. My tiny chihuahua was the sweetest little animal. 

I feel your pain as I too am going through this very recent loss. 

I just pray that we can find a way to ease that pain. I haven't found how to do that yet but I pray that It will be soon as the pain is unbearable. 

Sending you prayers and love. 

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