I got my dobi (miniature pincher) when I was 13 a family friend had told my mom he was looking for a home for his sons dog since he had gone off to college in another state... my mom surprised me with him and well it was love at first sight I was a homeschooled shy lonely teenager who didn't really have friends and spent a lot of my time at home but when I got dobi everything changed he became my bestfriend he showed me unconditional love he made me so happy and he made my teenage years so much easier because it didn't matter if I didn't have friends dobi loved me unconditionally no matter what and I loved him unconditionally...

Fast forward To me growing up and getting my first job it was a big adjustment for him and me we were inseparable for 6 years but now I was an adult and I had responsibilities but everyday like clock work when I got home from work there was my dobi waiting for me at the door ready to attack me with kisses and jumping for joy and seeing those beautiful brown eyes so thrilled to see me that was the highlight of my day

Just as I got older so did my dobi his eyesight got bad he wasn't as playful anymore and it took him a while to get up and walk to me but 1 thing that never changed was his appetite he would eat everything I spoild him so much with food whatever he wanted to eat he got...

fast forward to September 23 2016 One of the worst days of my life my best friend took his last breath. it's bin about 2 weeks and I'm a mess I can't sleep. I just cry all day and night. I'm in physical pain...I feel like nothing will ever be able to repair my heart again. I feel empty without my dobi, he made my life so much better the moment he came into it... and just the thought that I will never be able to cuddle with him or give him kisses ever again or I won't ever see that beautiful face waiting for me after work kills me...
I have so much guilt because I should have spent more time with him I shouldn't have worked so much I know he missed being with me and I feel like I let him down and now it's to late...
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Your dobi sounds like a wonderful boy. I know how you are feeling because I am feeling the same as well. It's only been a week for me and I go over and over how I failed her. But people tell me that's not true and they would say the same about you. It sounds like the 2 of you had a great life together. That doesn't probably help now but they say that when some time has passed, we will be able to remember the happy moments. Sure wish that would happen sooner for both of us.

So sorry for your loss.
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Thank you so much for the kind words and I'm so sorry about ur loss. some days are better then others We must try to keep positive by telling ourselves you gave him the best life u could and so much love I know ur beautiful girl loved you so much but its hard I world revolved around him for so many years he was my everything...
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You are in the right place. We all know the hurt, sadness, pain and guilt ( we all feel it) you are feeling right now. I have now lost 3 pets in my lifetime. Max passed 2 weeks ago today. Memories can be great tender things but in this case it beats us up. In the days weeks and month ( or even years) following our pets death we relieve the last months, weeks, days and final hours of our pets life and struggle with what we should have or could have done differently. As I have worked myself thru the grief of the loss of each of my pets I have tried to learn a little more. What to guard against, what to pay attention to, just in an effort to be the best pet parent I can be. Yes your heart is breaking, How can it not, this was your best friend who offered unconditional love an adoration, you literally grew up together. Yesterday was a bad day for me, today is better.

Looking back over the loss of all of my animals.

Casino- a 130 lb Rot that I got at 10 weeks old, lived to be 14. He lived just about a year after being diagnosed with some type of muscle degeneration. I made the decision to put him down when he was having problems walking and would no longer eat. I knew I was making the right decision for him. My grief was because I physically missed him. I still miss him but the memories no longer bring tears.....

Cheech - A 6lb rescue chihuahua that was 6 when we got hi. He lived to be 12. Died after a 3 week illness with renal failure. I made the decision to put him down. He couldn't eat or drink ( the one thing he loved the most. He has been gone 4 years. I still cry about him because I continue to second guess myself on if I should have put him down. In my head I know I did the right thing...I was giving the poor dog fluid IV and feeding him with a syringe.....but even 4 years later my heart continues to struggle. This is the focus of my grief.

Now Max. There was no warning with Max. He had just seen the vet 2 weeks before his death. At 80lbs and 12 years of age he was still energetic and spirited and had been out chasing squirrels the previous day. And then he was gone. I know the focus I my grief with Max is that not only was it sudden, but that in my head I had made plans to spend the next several years focused just on him, ( because I knew we did not have a lot of years left). And the guilt associated with why I didn't know he was sick. ( the vet has told me that his tumor was not always symptomatic and by the time he would have shown symptoms the cancer would have already spread.) Max had never been sick one day in his life.

Be gentle with yourself my friend. This is going to be a roller coaster ride. You are going to have good days and bad days. You can't finish the grief process until you start , so cry scream do what ever you have to do......but I promise you it will get better.

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