Just yesterday I found my Westie Snowy laying still. It is very heartbreaking for me conisdering I grew up with her since she was a puppy to her turning 6 this February. We don't know the specific cause but my family thinks she choked on something and wasn't supervised. She was a gift from my late father who asked my brother to get me a new puppy to help get over the loss of my first dog. Since the day I got her Snowy and I have been the closest since. Me and her baby brother Ryan are grieving the most. She's in a better place somewhere running around with my late dog Max. 
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I am so sorry for your loss.  Grief is hard and at first it feels like it is overwhelming.  You lost a part of you and it hurts so much.  It is good to read that you know she is in a better place with your late dog Max.  Please know that you have found the right place - everyone here knows how you feel and is very kind and caring.  Little by little you will start to feel better - in small increments until you can remember them with more of a smile then tears.

Bless you and hugs to you.
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