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Dear AWM,

I wish I had saw your initial post earlier as I had just recently had to help my almost 10 year old ginger tabby cross the Rainbow Bridge due to kidney failure. I’m so so sorry hear about your loss of your love, Sancho. What a handsome boy. And what a mane he had. I’m sure he was very very proud of that mane!

Like Sancho, Bubby (real name Milo) had kidney problems probably since he was born but was only made aware to us in 2014. He too at the end decided to stop eating but was drinking a lot. And it was all over his chest. He stopped grooming himself. It’s been exactly one week since I lost my soulmate and I’m completely heartbroken. Like you, the first few days were so rough. I was nonstop crying, having panic attacks and hyperventilating. How could my sweet boy be taken from me so soon? It still doesn’t seem real although I’ve started to accept that he isn’t coming home the way I wanted him to. We were able to bring his ashes home quickly. He passed on a Thursday and that following Monday he was home. I rushed down to the emergency hospital to pick him up once I got the call he was back. I didn’t want him to be apart from us any longer. Bubby was like Sancho, a good 15-16 pounds when he was doing well. He was a big boy. A kitty that knew his ancestors were big cats.

It’s about 330am here outside of Philadelphia and every morning since his passing I keep waking up around 230. I miss him so much it hurts.

Please know you’re not alone. Kidney failure sucks. Any of these diseases and other causes are just horrible. I don’t think it’s easy one way or another. I miss my rock, my pillow, my hero, my warrior, my love.

You’re in my thoughts,

Bubby's (Milo) Mommy - Always & Forever My Little Man 💜

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It's been 6 months since we lost our precious Christopher. The other day I still cried for him. Still brokenhearted. I read all your stories and can understand what you are all going through. We decided not to get another cat because Christopher was so special we don't want to replace him. There will never be another Christopher. He was so smart, we swear there was a little human in there. The love we have for him, we feel we could not give to another. We have cried so many years. I had him from when he was weaned to 16 years old. We still feel guilty for putting him down. That day is a horrible memory. But like you said, we didn't want him to suffer. He didn't deserve that. Please know it does get easier, but you will always have a hole in your heart where they filled. There memories will always be with you. I wish I would see him in my dreams. He came to me only a short minute. My husband the same night. I know he knew how much we loved him as your precious ones did too. They are a gift from God. Such a blessing. But they return to where they came. Those precious souls. There is no love like from a fur baby. Unconditional. My heart goes out to you all.
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Cried so many tears
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I missed you a lot today. I was over at a friends house. They have a new kitten. It was so cute and playful. The kitten reminded me of you when you were a kitten. I pray for you every day and night. I know you are in good hands on the other side. I know you are waiting for me.

My friend let me know that our town shelter is very full right now with kittens. Sancho, I want you to know that I will go "rescue" a couple of kittens later this week. I miss you. I miss a companion. I will never replace you. But, I am willing to start a new friendship. I hope you understand.
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Dear Aaron,

Your wrote:

"Sancho, I want you to know that I will go "rescue" a couple of kittens later this week."

Very, very admirable.  : ** )  A fantastic way to honor your beloved Sancho!

Kind regards,
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