Just wanted to share my personal grief over the loss of my Pomeranian Mischa, who I lost on 11/19/15 due to kidney failure.

Mischa was my soul dog. The love of my life. Every day has been a struggle without her.

She was the happiest and most loving dog I have ever met. She never met a person she didn't like. She was my best companion. Always there with a kiss and a cuddle.

Last week, the week of her passing, I was almost in shock. Although I was upset and cried multiple times daily over her loss, reality hadn't yet set in. This week, though, it has in full force.

Every morning I look up to my pillow, where she used to sleep, and she isn't there. When I get home from work, she isn't there. She used to greet me at the door, so excited, as if my coming home was the best thing in the world. In the morning, towards the end of my shower, I think - for a split second - of what she is doing on the bed. She used to sit at the end of the bed while I was in the shower, and I would come out and pet and cuddle her as soon as I got out. For that split second, it seems as if she is still here. And then it all comes crashing down again when I realize she isn't.  

Mischa - I miss and love you so much. You changed my life in so many positive ways.

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My condolences on the loss of your beautiful little Mischa.  The loss of such a beloved companion can make us grieve more than we ever thought possible. 

On July 23rd I lost my little boy, Gulliver, to kidney problems.  He was a pomeranian mix, and looking at Mischa's sweet little face, I am reminded of my little Gullie.

My positive thoughts go out to you.

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A beautiful little girl.  We all know the pain you are going through.
Remember Mischa is now without pain, stress or any problems at all.
The pain you feel is because of the love you had and your baby is worth the pain for the time you shared.
Those are the two things I tell myself over and over again.
Marlene Wagner
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