My beloved cat, Deysi, was put to sleep this afternoon. She had cancer and simply losing her quality of life. I had her for about 13.5 years and she was rescued from a cat shelter in Fort Collins, CO. She was about 15 years old, very small cat and full of life. She replaced another cat who died in Feb 2007. The amazing thing was when I entered the cat shelter I saw a cat that looked like my previous cat and she had the same name of my mom.

We were inseparable and she traveled with me in to several different states as I changed jobs. She was definitely spoiled in a good way! Her food dish needed to be put in a certain place, she had to sit in my favorite chair and kicked me out, and she will give you a big meow if I was not paying attention her. But she gave me so much love and joy.

I cried on and off the past couple of days. I delayed her having her put down by a day, but I realized letting her go was right thing to do. I cried so much today. It is amazing what this cat means to me, and I'm forever be thankful to have her for all these beautiful years. 

I'm helping mom with taking care of  3 small dogs and 2 cats. I am very grateful to have a job I love, animals to take care of and helping mom while going through the grieving period. 

I love you so much Deysi. But I will be thinking about all the great memories we had together and you will be forever missed.

May your memories with your pets give you peace and comfort.

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I am very sorry for your loss of your sweet, little Deysi. It's clear she was very much loved and had a wonderful life with you. I smiled reading about how she kicked you out of your favorite chair and loudly insisted you give her attention. She was very special and I'm glad your two paths crossed.

My condolences,
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Dear Einstein,

I too am sorry for your loss of your beloved Deysi. That is such a unique name. I always find it comforting to know that we humans share in the love that we have for our beloved pets. Welcome to this forum.

I am very glad that for so many memorable years you provided your girl with a good home, and love and affection. And that she gave you back those feelings in return. It is inspiring and admirable to read the level of gratitude you hold for having known Deysi.

If the measure of your deep grief is the measure of the great love that you expressed to Deysi, how must she have felt each time that you looked at her and spent time with her? It must have been wonderful and reassuring for her. All cats should know such love and adoration.

I send you healing good wishes and prayers. Your girl is still with you in spirit and always will be.

Kind regards & my sincerest condolences,
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Dear friends.

I agreed with James that Deysi felt incredible joy being with me all these years. Can you imagine you're sitting on your favorite recliner and a cat "curls up" on the seat and give you a big meow? Basically she told me several years ago to get another recliner and to sit next to me, I did that, of course. After all she is the CAT! 

Although I'm coping well, I'm trying to help another cat, Molly, who was very close to Deysi. Molly also have another friend with a senior cat, Lucy. However, Molly is looking around for Deysi. I have been given extra attention with the other 2 cats, they are my mom's cats. 

Friends, having putting down numerous of dogs and 2 cats over the years, it is painful.. But memories of my furry friends will remain with me forever. For some reason the loss of Deysi has been more difficult for me. I think the bond we had was much stronger than with my other pets and we needed each other.

I will get through it, and I'm very thankful we had each other for 13.5 years. I know she knew she was loved until the end, and that gives me comfort. And I will get another cat when everything calm down and head back home in several months. 

Stay well.
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So sorry for the loss of your Deysi. I lost my girl in April and it's been so hard; I'm very grateful for the memories and all the years we had together.
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Thanks Andrea for your support. 

Wishing you peace to bring comfort during these difficult times. 
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I've been giving Deysi's furry friend, Molly, a lot of extra attention the past several days. Molly has been looking for Deysi, they were very close. The other cat, Lucy, did not get along with Deysi so... 

Molly loves the extra attention, her personality is so different from Deysi. But I will provide her with a lot of love just like I did with Deysi.

The guilt of putting Deysi in the cage and taking her to the vet to put her sleep is slowly going away. I wish I was with her when they put her to sleep. but due to the pandemic I couldn't be there.

I will always be thankful that I was her caretaker when she was sick, and I will always think about the good times we had over the years. 
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Dear friends,

This forum has been amazing and so helpful to me. I often think about Deysi, but I'm very grateful for the times we had together. 

Her best furry friend, Molly, is now having her usual energy and is enjoying our time hanging out with me. She is about 10 years old, full of energy and love. Although Deysi is not replaceable, Molly still bring me joy.

I'm now back to my regular routine. Being a college professor at a major university for 18 years is helping me with the grieving process because I helped so many students who struggled in life (and yes, in calculus and many other mathematics courses too :)) 

Every cat has a story and our sweet Deysi has a special one at that. And perhaps you can bring joy and happiness to another cat if you decided to get one. 

May everyone find peace and comfort knowing the memories you shared with furry friend(s) will always be there. 

Stay well,
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