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Thank you for your support. I am truly sorry for your loss and cannot even imagine how you must be feeling after having spent 19 years with Patch. However, you did the right thing when you decided to end his suffering. This is what Patch would have wanted. Now he is pain free and playing with both Tucker and Schwarzenegger and the rainbow bridge. I promise that you and Patch will be reunited one day.
Your pain will go away slowly, and then, you will celebrate his life and everything that you brought to each other during those 19 years spent with him.


What you are describing sounds exactly like what Tucker was for me. I treated him as he he was my own son. Tucker was indeed showered with love and attention as you said. He was a character but also the sweetest cat I've ever met in my entire life. He never bit, scratched, or hissed at me. I miss him terribly and don't know how much time I will require to grieve. I will go read the stories that you posted about Marmalade. Your message was very sweet and helped me a lot in these difficult times. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.


Our little fury friends are indeed never forgotten. They might be gone from our lives but never from our hearts. It is heartbreaking that they had to put all the cats down due to that outbreak of feline distemper. I am so happy that you got to adopt Albert and Chloe before it was too late. It was a sign that you all were meant to be together. You did the right thing when you decided to put an end to Albert's suffering. I did go to your original post and saw a picture of him. What a beautiful cat he was..and yes, he does look like my Schwarzenegger!

Thank you all for your nice messages. This forum is really helping me cope with the pain.

JB Burger
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I am glad it was a help.  Your response to me was incredibly helpful.  I have finally been able to smile today when thinking of Patchy.  The fact that we are in such pain just proves the depth of love we had for our babies.  They will always be with us.

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Thank you for your kind words as well.
I'm glad this forum is helping you too,it's nice to have others that can relate to the grief of an experience like this of loosing one so close.
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