Hey there,

This is so painful to write but I need to write this. Im crying as I write this because I miss my beautiful Mungie so much.

Firstly I met this little angel in 1999 January. I had just come home from holidays in Thailand and I open the back door to my garden and there is the sweetest little cat who was quite timid. She looked at me and ran. My Dad told me she had been making this backyard her own. She was the neighbours cat but Mungie chose to be with us and she was here till October 14th 2014.

She was my baby. She sat by me everywhere I sat in the house. We would always hang out in the back yard together on beautiful sunny days, her sweet furry little body leaning against my legs. She always had to be sure I was near when I was at home. We played silly games together. She simply loved to chase after little stones I threw. My favourite game with Mungie was I would sit at one end of the hallway and she would be up the other end. I would pat my legs and she would come running up to me to sit in my lap. Before she was killed she was a skinny old dear but she had all of her faculties. She could still hear, see and she was very bright and alert. We played the hallway game only 2 weeks ago. Only 2 weeks ago I took her to the vets for a health check and they told me she was so healthy for her age.

Anyway here comes the terrible part. The part that I replay in my head over and over again. Last week on a tues oct 14th I let Mungie out the back to be in the sun. I saw her sitting out there looking relaxed. I went and had a bath. Whilst in bath I could hear next doors huskies growling and whimpering. They always do that because they have nowhere to run. The neighbours don't walk them and they live in this cooped up space. So I just thought nothing unusual about that but a little voice in my head kept saying ""they sound more menacing then usual"" Anyway my Dad called out to me that the little dog from next door was in our back yard so I asked where Mungie was and Dad said shes asleep in the grass. I thought that unusual. But then 10 seconds later Dad yelled out ""Mungies dead"" At first I could not believe it . I kept yelling out NO NO NO NO!! YOU MUST BE WRONG but my Dad said the dreaded words gain. I jumpted out the bath tub and didn't dry myself off. Just put my clothes on and ran out to the back. There was my Mungie dead. Her eyes still open. I picked her up in my arms and howled and howled and screamed at the little dog. I ran inside and sat with my Munige in my arms in a state of shock and cried so loudly. My Dad came in and said ""the 2 huskes are also in the back yard, they just come from bhind our shed"" It was then I knew the huskies had killed her. Her fur was all matted and wet. We took Mungie to the vets to get verification that was indeed a dog that killed her.

Ever since that day last week I haven't been the same and neither has my Dad. Every day I cry for my baby. Every day I regret I didn't protect her. Every day I want to stare into her sweet eyes again and kiss her little head. I want to hold her on my lap again. I even desperately wish for a sign from her but I don't feel her presense anywhere.

Im very angry at the neighbours because in the past the huskys had got in and every time they fixed the fence and said it wouldn't happen again. But this time its too late. I cant bring her back. I look at the blanket beside me in the lounge room and wish she was asleep on it. I never knew I could grieve so intensely but I am. I want this pain to go away but at the same time I want to hang on to it so Mungie knows I never forget her. She was and always will be in my heart.

I got her ashes back today and at first I felt like she was still with me or back home with me. But im feeling so lonely right now. I have her box sitting next to me and its brought it home to me that ill never see her again. Whenever I felt down Mungie was always there for me to cuddle but I just don't have her anymore

Thank you for letting me tell my Mungies story. She was so very special to me and always will be. RIP Mungie my sweet heart, my little girl, my little baby xx
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RIP my little Mungie. Here with us for nearly 16 years, so healthy but violently taken away from us. Miss you always xx
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Im so sorry for your loss of your beloved cat :( I loss my Bear 10/18/14 so I understand your pain. He was a husky and I know you probably feel some type of way towards them but I can promise you that they're all not bad. Its how the owner raise them to be. My Bear was the sweetest husky in the world. But i pray that you find peace and comfort knowing that your cat is in a better place :) we're all grieving up here and we are here for you :)

*hugs to you*
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Oh I am SO sorry for your loss.....  Words cannot even describe how sorry I am.  As I read your story, tears just filled up my eyes because I know how much you must be hurting.  She sounds like a very special furbaby and I hope that visiting here and telling her story can give you some peace.  We are here for you...send you much love

I will always love furry son Raptor and my furry baby Zeus.  How wise you both taught me so much.  I learned that it was I, who needed you....
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