My beloved Bernie passed suddenly and unexpectedly this past Sunday morning at approximately 3:45 am, after a very bad seizure. He was only 2 years old, a mini schnauzer mix, a happy and energetic pup. So full of life and love and joy. He genuinely smiled and wanted nothing but to be by my side. We were together all the time. I’m not sure what caused the seizure, I gave him a new CBD supplement and I am afraid that caused or contributed to it. I’m debating an autopsy to try to give me answers and some closure, although it is very expensive. After the seizure, I gave him CPR for more than an hour to try to bring him back. I keep replaying that night over and over in my head and wishing I could go back and change things. I couldn’t reach his vet that night and could not locate an emergency vet. I want to be sure that I did everything I could. I feel that Bernie was the perfect dog for me, and I thought we’d have many more years together. I feel he was meant for me and that this was not supposed to happen, not like this, not this soon, that and the suddenness makes it hard to accept. He was seemingly paralyzed after the seizure but his eyes were open and I know he saw me and I can still recall the look in his eyes. I am having difficulty accepting this is real, it feels like a bad dream. I feel so empty and lost without him. I keep thinking it’s time for his walk or for him to eat then realizing he’s not here. It’s so hard. I’d give anything to have him back and want to hug him and see him smile again.
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So sorry for the loss of Bernie. He is beautiful and cute.
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Bernie is so cute.  I lost my schnauzer to a set of seizures.  Do not beat yourself up thinking that you may have caused his seizures.  A painkiller my vet gave him caused his first round of seizures and he never really recovered.   
He did see you looking into his eyes and he was happy that you were the last person he saw and felt the love you gave him.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
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So sorry for your loss of Bernie he is adorable i find looking up at the clouds comforting at times sometimes they form fur babies God Bless
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