I need help getting through this.
I dont even know where to begin. He died in our home not knowing he was this bad.. He was a German Shepard and he just turned 10 on the 11th and was taken from us on the 18th. Doctor said it most likely was a ruptured spleen that bled out.
It was so tragic. And sudden and I loved him so.
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boy do I know how u feel  my Kitty 10, died yesterday to ,I can't seem to stop crying....so lets try to get thru this as best we can.......sorry for ur loss ,missabe
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Your fur baby is absolutely beautiful. Your love for him is evident through your words and heartache.  The pain is so fresh and raw, I wish for your healing with each new day.

My Godiva was a Lab/Shepard mix that I rescued from a shelter.  Pets give us love unconditionally, they don't hurt us with words, they are always happy to see us and always by our side.  How could that loss not shatter us?

We're listening for as long as you need us.  Please stay and talk to us if that helps you.  We all, unfortunately, understand the depth of your pain and loss.

Much love,
 ~ Becky
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I am so, so sorry for the sudden loss of your handsome Apollo, such a beautiful photo of him.

His sudden departure has to be such a shock, I can only imagine how upsetting this must be for you. I hope in time you are able to use your fond memories of Apollo to help mend your broken heart, it takes time, so no need to rush, grieve as long as you need, grieving has no time limit, don't let anyone try to tell you when you are done, only you will know.

My little girl, Bella, her first friend was named Apollo, he was a huge Great Dane, Bella was a 3 lb Chihuahua, such a cute sight to see them together, she was the boss and he did everything she told him...so funny.

Be gentle with yourself, visit here often, this is the best group of people ever...we all understand how you hurt so much, we all are here for you.

Sending positive healing thoughts your way.

Sincerely, Don & Vera
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Thank you all so much!

It has only been 3 days but my heart and my stomach just ache so much.  

We got him when he was 2.  I worked at a County location and I received an email one day.  I opened it up and there was this adorable dog that was up for adoption from the Sheriff K-9 unit.  

I fell in love at first sight!  I went to meet him and had to have him.
 His story goes he was from Germany - German Kennel Club and some family in my area brought him here to NJ.  For whatever reason, they gave him to the K-9 unit at 1 year old.  Then they trained him for arson detection... after 1 year of training... he didn't pass.  That's when I got the email.

My husband and I were engaged and thought what a great present...  he always wanted a GS and so I went and filled out a few papers, bought some basic needs and picked him up a few days later.

He adjusted beautifully... my daughter, husband and I fell in love.  

I woke up on Friday the 18th around 6am to wake my daughter for school.  Could not find the dog in his usual spots.  Found him in the kitchen, turned on a light and he looked horrible.  Droopy eyes and laying funny... I knew something was wrong.  My husband called him over to see if he could get up and he did but walked very funny.  I called the vet... spoke with her about his look and breathing and she thought nothing that sounded like an emergency.  She advised to call the office at 8a and bring him in... maybe lyme's or a neurological problem.  We called at 8:03am.... by 8:05 he started acting so odd and I called for my husband to leave immediately... he was limp, not breathing right at all, not blinking, white gums and tongue...
My husband picked him up, all 100lbs of him, and we carried him to the car, running as fast as he could... By 8:22am the vet declared him gone.  

You all know my feelings... guilt, sadness, heavy heart, not eating, crying, sobbing, scared to walk through the door, and on and on...

Thankful for having him enter my life and how lucky I was to be his mommy.  

Feeling guilty for not knowing he was sick.  Doctor thinks most likely a tumor on the spleen that bled out and filled his belly with blood.  He wasn't acting right the past month, but not anything super alarming to say I should call the vet.                            

I know in time this feeling will turn into nothing but happy memories and not being sick to my stomach going into the kitchen or living room where he took his last breaths at home.

But for now I will be here.  Letting you help me, as I hope to help you too.

Thank you for reading, listening, understanding and for your prayers.  Because I sure do need them.


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I feel your pain so much. Nothing can describe the pain we feel when we lose such a precious being.

Your Apollo is beautiful. He looks so proud on the photograph. I'm so sorry you lost him.

Don't blame yourself for not knowing about his sickness. If he had shown signs of suffering, you would have brought him to the vet, of that I'm sure. Your love for him is true and seems very strong, judging from your loving words. You could not know he was sick. The pain of losing him is quite enough to endure by itself without adding guilt to it.

We all are here, Kris, and I know we can help each other out. The forum members have proven so loving and caring to me. I owe them so much for helping me. Stick around and continue writing about Apollo. We will read your words and try to help you. The best thing about this place is that you do not feel alone.

My thoughts are with you,

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