I don't know how to write this and I am a writer so it makes it weird. Two days ago my precious baby Kali stopped breathing in my arms. I could not move I could not think. She has been with us for over 13 years. We saved her from an abusive owner who actually dropped hot marshmallow on her ear, causing most of the fur and ear to be burned.I Loved her so much. She was my everything. So how am I suppose to go on. How am I to survive. Alls I want to do is lay in a dark room and wither away. My husband who is supposed to be my strength actually suggested hours after she had left me we could get a new kitten. Like it is so easy to replace her, as if. She was one of a kind she was special. She use to curl up under my neck when I was sleeping. And there was times when we were watching tv, one could not tell where she began and I ended. How can this man suggest that. I want to strangle him. He says he is also going through grief but he did not spend every hour with her like I did. I need some help. Some kind words or should I say the right words so I can come out of this darkness. Please help
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I’m so sorry. I wanted to die too when my Roary died this summer. I understand. No husband, not even child, can understand what it is to lose your soulmate kitty. I get it. Many here do too. Please know your husband thinks he is doing and saying the right things to help you - he’s just clueless. has a hotline you can call if you need a person to talk to and the chat room on this site is really good too. When your ready share pictures of your sweet kitty. Tell us stories. Write your kitty letters. And help others exist through their grief as you are in yours.
I am so very sorry for your loss
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My condolences for the loss of your baby Kali. And I thank you for rescuing her from the previous abusive owner. Thank you for giving her a good life and all your love. I'm sorry she's no longer with you. Many people's first reaction is to offer /suggest a new pet right after the loss. Most do so with good intentions not fully understanding what we're feeling. I believe Kali held a different place in your heart than your husband's. Not to say that he did not care/love Kali. In addition he might trying to sooth his own pain too. However you need to grieve your baby in your own way. 2 days is no time at all. It's been 10 days since I lost my Ginger , my tabby cat, and I can honestly tell you that the first week was a complete blur. The days all meshed together. The crying was non stop, It felt as if the pain would swallow me whole. It was just me and her. And her sudden death broke my heart. I'm sorry you're going through this pain too. It may not seem so right now but it does get better/ we learn to deal with our grief. It is there. It remains. But you will survive it. This site has been an immense help and I hope it helps you in your grieving process too.
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  My heartfelt condolences on the loss of your beloved kitty.  You are going through a very rough stretch right now. Please consider posting here and interacting (on-line) frequently with other Forum members. There are some really special people here who are experiencing the exact same thing and can suggest some wonderful coping strategies to help pull you through. You are not alone. Stay strong.

Jim Miller
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I am so sorry for the loss of your precious Kali. I wish there were words to make your pain go away. Unfortunately we have to go through the greiving process. You gave her the best love for over 13 years and she knew how much you loved her. They are our babies and it will take time to heal our pain.
I am sure your husband meant well. I think in general we women feel more than men do. They don't know how to handle deep feelings like we do.
I loss my baby of 19 years 5 weeks tomorrow. The pain is excruciating but I promise you it will get easier. Allow yourself to cry as much as you need to. This forum has been a huge help to me. I even wrote him a letter on here. There are alot of pet loving people here that understands your pain. You are not alone. Please keep writing and let us know how you are doing. Big hug to you.

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