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Thinking of you especially today - and of course your sweet 'slobber' chops girl Munki.  As said so many times, where does the time go - 4 years an angel your special one.  It will just seem like yesterday and yet it will also seem like an age ago...Searching for some prophetic words to say to ease the ache on today and have come up with really not too much as we know that ache resides deep within the soul and the heart and walks with us each day as our beloved fur angels walk with us.  
May your day today be filled with the sweet sounds of celestial paws scampering about your feet, may your heart be touched and filled with the enduring love of Munki and may your soul be warmed just a bit by the fur hug of your sweet one.  Hoping it is a 'group hug' of fur - as Munki, Daisy and Jemma pull you and Rosalyn and Chuck into their loving, loyal embrace.  
Today is sure to be a day of tears, of smiles, of memories, of 'wishes' and of deep heavy sighs...for it is the love that keeps that bond so tight and the ache just always beneath the surface of life.  Today the 'gang' of Rainbow 'buddies' are gathered about Munki and you so no one is alone or sad, all share the bittersweetness of this day.  
So loved and so cared for by their special mum are your trio + two of fur paws and big hearts - and today Munki especially knows her mum is always by her side, always with her and indeed it is "not goodbye, but I'll see you in a while!" - leashed for life Cam...
Sending you many hugs...always


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Hi Cam,
Thinking of you today as Munki’s 4 years over the Rainbow bridge arrives. I know it has to be a day of mixed emotions with so many wonderful memories of your beautiful girl but these Angelversaries also bring back thoughts of a darker time when we had to say “Bye for now.”
I hope it is a comfort that you gave Munki so much love and a wonderful life. She was a content, happy girl and she wouldn’t have asked for more. Sending you hugs and a wish for peace!
MJ ❤️

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Thanks MJ and Cody (thanks Cody for just *remembering* this special date) your words mean sooooo much. Today was a hard day, I often wonder why time goes so quickly, i feel like I was with Munki just like days ago, I guess because she is always on my mind. And its true, we all have gone thru the darkest of times and I have been to the point of "acceptance", when today I thought to myself I will never be physically able to hold Munki and love her and pick her up and guide her, she had a hard time seeing and was almost blind. I do know that I can speak to her daily and she can See now!!!!I was bless with 6 dreams this year from her (and yes i still journal, not nearly as much as I used to but i still journal). I am blessed to have her visits and I do know someday I will be able to hold her and kiss her and let her know we will be together for eternity, I just have to go thru this temporary separation.

So with the tears today, it also brought smiles of all the love we had for her 13 years 10 months 3 weeks and 6 days of life and I miss that girl, my lil
Munki Moo!!

May your sweet Maggs and Kassee......and Bailey send you so many signs along the way and know they are forever loved....til you meet again.

xxoo Hugs from your friend CAM!!!




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Hi Cam, just to say my thoughts are with you on Munki`s 4 year marker at the Bridge - and once again I cannot believe so much time has passed...     Soon it will be 4 years for Jim, and I`ve said it before but you were one of the very first people I "talked" with here on the forum, and I remember you telling me that you had only lost Daizy a few months before Munki..      So much grief and heartache during those first few months, but I like to think we all helped each other - and still do!    May thoughts of Daizy, Munki and Jemma bring a smile through the inevitable sadness which still hits us  - and sending big hugs to you, Rosalyn and Chuck,

                                                                                             Jackie xx

J Taylor
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