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Cam, Thnking of you and Daizy, and of course Munki and Jemma too! May they all walk beside you, Rosalyn and Chuck each day and show you many signs that they’re always near. Lots of hugs from Molly and me.

Dawn xxx

Love you infinitely our little Molly. Forever and ever XOXO

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Wondering how you and the packs are doing?  May all your steps be guarded by your celestial fur angels, Jemma, Daizy, and Munki and may your days be filled with red balls bouncing, leashes at the ready, and hugs and kisses from your Rosalyn and Chuck.  May the love of your angels surround you and warm your heart and soul...And may the tears that fall be embraced and welcomed always as signs of love, and loyalty to your Munki, Daizy and Jemma.  Many hugs for you Cam and extra pets for Rosalyn and Chuck always.

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Hi Jackie, Dawn, Cody and Jessica and thanks for all posting on this lovely thread. I haven't been posting nearly as often. But I thank you for keeping my Jemma, Munki and Daizy's memory alive!!

I am just doing my daily walks (separately) with Chuck and Rosalyn, and giving my *out loud* talks to my Jemma, Munki and Daizy....oh how I miss them so much and wish time would stand still. I have had a few dreams of them in the past few months and it seems that the winter months are the hardest with birthdays and crossing over days, sometimes too much to think of and handle and I know how you all can relate.

May your Hollywood Handsome Jim have fun in his heavenly home along with sweet precious Molly and the beautiful Kassee and Maggs (tethered together forever) all running, playing and just having fun, with no cares in the world, as our babies hearts will always stay connected with us. And Jessica with your sweet baby Brownie.

Thank you again for posting on this thread!!! (((hugs from Cam)))




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Hi Cam,

Hope this finds you and your pack doing well, I'm sure Chuck and Rosalyn keep you busy as well as provide days of fun and laughter.

Sending my warmest wishes for a wonderful weekend, may your beautiful Jemma, Munki and Daizy find ways to always let you know they are with you on your walks, be sure to take extra treats with you.

Enjoy your weekend Cam, be sure to give Chuck and Rosalyn big belly rubs for me.
May your heart always know and feel the pure love of your precious Jemma, Munki and Daizy, bringing with their love, the continued peace and healing you so deserve.

Your Friend Always, Don
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