I thought I would share my story as writing this might be some sort of therapy. We lost our beautiful 7.5 yr old white husky to osteosarcoma. For some who don't know, it's bone cancer and the most aggressive type of cancer. We noticed last week after tearing his CCL, his leg ballooned and got swollen. We thought it was inflammation but took him to the vet who took XRAYS and diagnosed him with bone cancer. We thought she was crazy. We said he had a CCL tear and was getting surgery. Kiki was in perfect health so the diagnosis was very hard to believe. We took him to a cancer specialist last Thursday who saw the tumor on Kiki's thigh bone. Although his chest xrays were clear, the surgeon told us you have 2 options: amputate the leg, go through chemo and Kiki might have an additional 6-8 months.2.) euthanize him. We debated and decided on euthanasia knowing his quality of like after amputation and chemo wouldn't be what he wanted. We cried and cried as he was put down before our very eyes on his favorite blanket in the outdoors. Yesterday we buried him in a beautiful pet cemetery where he was surrounded by trees, nature, and other nearby dogs who have passed. I know time heals but the house is so quiet without him. I look everywhere hoping he will peek his beautiful face. RIP Kiki, you will be missed and always in our hearts :( kiki3.jpg 
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Kiki is beautiful and looks so calm.

You're going through a horrible experience and you will feel a lot of pain. It's so hard to lose such friends. No words can really express how we feel. I lost my little Tsuk three weeks ago and it still hurts. Today is a tough day. I find tears come up to my eyes very easily.

You did well to post on this forum. It is a first big step in your healing process. I remember when I first posted here. I was such a mess, I could barely gather my thoughts. But, through the weeks that have passed, I have had the chance to share experiences with forum members and I have found it to be very helpful. I can only hope you find peace here as well.

My thoughts are with you during these very hard times,

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sarah im so sorry about the loss of ur baby xo
there is no pain like losing our pets. I lost my Wiley 6 weeks ago and like eric, I still cry all the time. It is a void that cannot be gapped, we just have to learn to live without our friend. Cancer is an evil disease, I understand ur shock as we thought Wiley had chronic sinusitis... then he had a couple nosebleeds and stopped eating. The last day I took him to the vet, she said we had to believe it was sinus cancer because he wasn't getting better and was losing weight... when I heard cancer I was devastated. I think in my heart I knew but hearing it was a kick in the gut. This was my best friend for 15 years and now I was going to lose him to cancer... I can only imagine what u felt when the vet told u the diagnosis. Ur life is turned upside down and the universe shakes u til the change falls out of ur pockets.
I know I will never be the same, but the people on this forum have been amazing and it helps to know others understand and listen... Please continue to post and let us know how u are doing.... U gave ur baby so much love and he will carry that forever and one day will run to u, never to b separated again.

God bless you xo
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Thank you for your wonderful wishes. Yes, it's still hard and we do cry but time heals all wounds. We must realize that our dogs are no longer in pain or suffering and are up in heaven enjoying the calm and peace with their friends. We have momentos of Kiki that I look at everyday and smile knowing he is smiling down at me :) Prayers with you all.
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