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I'm so sorry for your loss. I sad goodbye to my beloved ChaCha this morning. I looked at your pics and your baby reminded me a lot of my chacha, same color except for black over one eye. Please know as I struggle with my best friend gone it gives me comfort to be able to give my support in heart to you
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dear AngelSkye86

i could have - and probably did - write almost those exact words. Your sweet baby is so lovely. What soulful eyes! What a sweet little face. It kills me to look at your dog, like he's mine and well, I just really do know the feeling!

How badly you must miss him. I put down my 16 year old dog in July.. though i had to guess her age and have her a birthday in October. There is just no fast forwarding through this grief and i know that feeling.... that nothing at all will ever make it better. My first three months were the absolute worst. She, my rat terrier Friskie, was my best friend and no one would ever the know the special bond we shared. She might have well sprang from my own womb. i was so depressed on the fourth month i couldn't stand it. My grief and crying was so damn random. Sometimes i felt "fine" and other times like i just wanted to not live without her here by my side. Everything made me sad. So many reminders.

I still sleep with her blanket on the foot of my bed. It's so deep, the grief you described. I still can't get rid of certain things of hers, even as i come up to five months. ..I am sorry if this isn't helpful. I will say, however, the pain does ease. the sharpness my of it, especially, and the guilt. I also felt like a murderer! How do we put down that being we love most in the world? It makes us feel crazy! I go out in the back yard where she is buried and talk to her grave. I didn't have a child. She was it. I put fresh flowers on it still.

My heart goes out to you. You know you did the right thing. Now it's just a matter of letting the grief be acknowledged and felt. It's a journey. They gave so much love and asked so little in return. We were so lucky. Now so at a loss. It can be so mind bending.

My thoughts are with you ...


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Im so sorry for your Loss. I lost my first lab to diabetes. He was one month short of 15. It's been five years and I day does not go by w/o me thinking of him. He was a great doggie. I travel a lot and he was right there with me...flying from east to west and back...he was right there in the cargo bay...When I went to the store..he rode shotgun...he slept at the end of my bed...he was my soul. Just try and remember the good cry's all the healing process.
Thomas conrad
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I feel for your loss and have shared the same heartache.  Its been two months for me and I still can't sleep in the bed we shared for 12+ years.  In the end, it all comes down to missing our fur-children and wishing they could outlive us.  Unfortunately, these are the moments/days/months we sign up for the moment we welcome them into our lives.  Do not let feelings of false guilt overwhelm you.  You gave that soul the best life possible right up to that final farewell.                     
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I'm so sorry for your loss of your longtime companion.  Like you, I have guilt and second-guesses.  After my cat, Sneakers, passed on Wednesday, I came home and sat for several hours and bawled.  I couldn't move. It is hard to imagine a world without them.

Be forgiving of yourself.  I know the pain of that decision.  I feel heartbroken for all of us who are enduring this pain. You gave Skye a good life. You didn't fail her--you loved her for 15 years. That's an amazing gift.
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AngelSkye86 wrote:
I miss her so much.. This grief is too much for me.. I don't understand life or anything.. All I do is walk room to room crying.. I feel like I have lost that one piece of my heart that made me smile.. And I don't know how I am going to get through this.. 

You're not alone; I did the exact same thing after I put my Rottweiler to sleep years ago. I would walk aimlessly throughout the house.  It took a while to get over it.  I experienced many of the same things you're experiencing.

Your little Skye was such a cute, little dog.  Keep sharing your feelings with us and talking to other pet lovers.
Salinas, CA
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I feel that I failed my
Beloved Cat Maya too!

But,feelings aren't facts.
We did'nt want to see
our Beloved Pets suffer
so we did what was
best for them out
of love for them.

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