IMG_0296a.jpg  Peaches came into my life in 2007.She was 6 weeks old. She was daddy's girl from the beginning. For the first 2 years she would not eat her supper on the floor while we ate. I had to wrap her in her blanket, hold her in one arm and feed her while I ate. When she was full she'd run get her toy and growl at me till I went and played with her.

She loved going on rides with me. She'd get on my shoulder and lay down and watch the world go by.

In March of last year she was diagnosed with severe heard congestion. One of the valves on her heart had torn. She was giver weeks to live. The doctor put her on meds and said to watch her breathing closely.Over the next few months dosage was increased and more meds added.

When I got home from work yesterday she was fine. She ate a good supper and had her treats. She was running through the house when she collapsed.She'd done this a couple of times recently and recovered quickly.I arms and  picked her up, held her in my laid on the bed so she could rest on my chest. After a couple of minuets her breathing got very slow, she raised her head up and took her last breath.My baby was gone.

I haven't been able to sleep since.Her doctor told us at every visit to be prepared but it was impossible to accept she will never snuggle up to my back at night to keep me safe.I never realized a little 5 pound chihuahua had the control over my heart as she did.

I miss you Peaches.You are the love of my life and will always be with me.See you at the Rainbow Bridge one day. Love,your daddy.  

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Oh dear Peaches. RIP.

I am so sorry for your loss. Yes, a 5-pound Chihuahua changed the course of your existence. What I'm finding is the "micro" things you all of a sudden end up missing. The morning routine, toys, treats, pet beds, blankets, etc. Greeting you like you are the greatest gift on earth just for walking through the door at the end of the day. It's not until they are gone that you realize that the void is deeper than you could ever imagine.

Well, you've come to the right place. We all know, in our own individual ways, what you are going through.

What a tiny little puppy she must have been back in 2007. I'm sure it was love at first sight. I am so sorry for your heartbreak.

Hang in there. And thank you for the lovely picture of your little girl. What a darling little presence she must have been in your life.
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I agree with you peppermintpatty, they are part of everything we do in some way which makes their passing all the more painful.  Tim, I've found it really helpful to to post on this site since I got the news about Ava because it's full of people that really understand the bonds we form with our furbabies.  I find that not everyone in the 'real world' get this and although they initially say they/re sorry blah blah in the days and weeks to come they seem to expect you to just get over it because it was just a dog or just a cat they can't seem to understand the depth of feeling and the guilt and grief and overwhelming pain that comes with losing a furbabuy
Avabears mummy

'It came to me that every time I lose a dog they take a piece of my heart with them, and every new dog who comes into my life gifts me with a piece of their heart. If I live long enough all the components of my heart will be dog, and I will become as generous and loving as they are.' Anon


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Oh my what a glorious little chihuahua!  Reading your post and looking at her beautiful picture, I can see why she so easily took over your world!  What the previous posts say ring so true for me as well.  These little angels give us unconditional love and expect so little in return.  But because they do love us unconditionally, there isn't anything humanly possible we wont do for them in return.  My two chihuahuas absolutely ran my life and I wouldn't have had it any other way.  Again, as the others said, when they are gone, it leaves an incredible void that is impossible to fill, except with all the happy memories we have of them. 

Please continue to post on the forum and let us know how you are doing. We care about you and want nothing more than your peace and comfort.  Unfortunately, we are all on the same journey and many of us still have far to go.  What we can always remember is that we all shared a great love and that love will never be forgotten by us or in your case, by Jasmine always realizing how much she was loved by you.  My deepest sympathies.
My warmest regards,  Carmen's and Gigi's mom - alicia
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Thank you all for the kind words. Today was a little better, got a few hours sleep last night. Will be picking up her ashes tomorrow and then she'll be home. 

The two hardest things are not having her laying next to me at night and breaking a routine we've had for over ten years. Getting up in the morning,fixing her breakfast and getting a treat. Looking into those big brown eyes telling her I love you before going to work. Coming home to the kisses. Fixing her supper and getting two treats.

If she was ready to go to bed and I wasn't, she'd bark at me till I turned the light off so she could snuggle. 

I have a 16 x 20 picture of her looking down on me. Those big brown eyes are full of love. She comes home tomorrow. Probably no sleep tonight. I can't wait.
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