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My heart goes out to you all.  I can just imagine how amazing babybear was as my little Honey who I had for over 16 years was a cheeky little Pom who bossed her little "big" brother a 30kg Staffy x and George cat around and she also ruled the roost.  It was just us two for 8 years and then Monte walked in and boy did that put her nose out of joint for awhile but they grew to love each other.  Two years ago George cat came into our lives and she made it quite clear "who the boss was".  I know what you mean about the "happy bark" poms are such little yappers, I so miss that bark as well.  Especially when the door bell rings, it's funny to see that Monte has now taken over door bark duty.  Stay strong and know that Babybear is now better young and free and one day he may come back to you in some form or another.  I really believe that George is my old cat Midnights reincarnation, they are sooo similar.  God bless you all.
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barebren wrote:
I feel your pain.  My 14 year old cat that I have had since a kitten was just euthanized.  He had nodules all over is liver and on various parts of his body.  My vet says that she suspects cancer due to his symptoms.  This is a horrible pain in my stomach.  I have never had to dig a grave before.  I know that I made the right decision, it just hurts so bad.  I still have to go pick up his body at the vet and not sure if I can even do that.  Any words out there for a grieving momma?

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I am so sorry for your loss. I am having a hard Sunday in the rain. My girl who was a sweet and feisty Pekingese
died on what seems like so many Sundays ago. (May 3rd.) I was glad to hear someone else did the ice cubes and water. I always did that, also. I felt maybe other people thought it to be a bit overboard. I think she may have
had CHF, too. They said pneumonia but being any emergency situation they couldn't be sure. She was so congested they couldn't hear her heart.....
Please accept my deepest sympathy. I know the gut wrenching pain you are going through. Sorry, Sorry, Sorry!
Vicky (Cosette's mom)
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This is my first time on here, so bear with me since computers are not my thing.    I am so sorry for your loss.  I am also devestaed at this time.  I have a houseful of kitties, many are old and have various afflictions and so I know time will take it's toll, but on Friday I lost my one year old little girl, Ava Jane.  I am stunned and overwhelmed.  I took her in in January as a favor for a good friend, did not really want another kitty at the time.  Well she immediatly endeared herself to me and all the other kitties, no stress between her or anyone of them.  She slept with me every night, made me laugh and smile.  I have no favorites but you know how some just "grab" you.  I talked about her the most and thanked my friend over and over again for "putting" her in my life.  She was healthy and full of life, and I knew she would be here forever.................All of a sudden last Friday she began vomiting, which she had never done before,  was not too worried at first. After all cats vomit fairly often, right?  Well, she kept it up so in fear of her becoming dehydrated I took her to the Vet. to check as soon as they could and left her there , I never had a fear at all.  Two hours later my Vet called to tell me that all of a sudden she stopped breathing and then her heart stopped and they tried for a long time to revive her without succ
ess, I just started screaming, could not believe it. I have never left a pet alone to die, I would have been there to hold her if I had any idea.  Turns out she had a hole in her diaphram and her insides went up into her chest cavity.  I am horrified and full of guilt, did I miss something ???  The Dr. said it could be congenital or from blunt force trauma.  I know she had no trauma in my home, and if she had this for a long time, why were there no symptoms????  Did I miss something that happened ??? I was there all morning and she was fine until she began to vomit.....Sorry to go on so long, but I actually call her name in case it is just a bad whole household of kitties are acting weird and I know they know she has left us.  I just left her there and never said good-bye, I had no idea........Ava Jane was an angel and blessed my life in such a magnificent way, my heart is broken and the tears keep falling...God Bless all of you out there and thanks for "listening"...five months to have her was way too short.......Priscilla
do not know what this is
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Im very sorry, I know your loss is hard. I too lost my dog Spikey.  I just today was trying to smell his scent on his blanket and had yet another meltdown. It has been 34 days for me. I have good times and bad times, but I think that the grieving is so overwhelming that I couldn't process it all at once. Keeping you in my thoughts.
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I am so very sorry for your loss. Bless your heart. I understand. :-(

A mourning Sunday for my Star.
RIP our beautiful shining Star. We love you and will miss you always and forever.
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