My sweet beyond words 12 lb Boston ton Terrier, Elphaba, was bit by a German Shepard mix over a week ago. Elphaba was on her leash for her morning walk with my husband. This big dog broke its leash and bit her.
I didn't think things were too bad initially as the emergency clinic saw nothing on the immediate X-rays. I went out of town with my daughter confident we were ok. My husband picked her up that evening and she seemed fine. But throughout the night things got worse. He took her to our vet and she died several hours later.
It has something to do with trauma not fully manifesting itself until 24-48 hrs after the incident.

I am at a loss and so confused and lonely. I have been home maybe 48 hours since her death and I head home alone tomorrow for a week.

I can not imagine my life without her. She was my everything- my joy, my smiles, my 3 times a day ball chaser.
We loved to walk the neighborhood and meet everyone. ( this dog that bit her did not belong in our neighborhood- very scary)
She was loved by everyone- neighbors, family and especially me.
My husband travels all through the week. I must face this house alone and I will next week.

How do I cope? I do I erase the sudden loss of my best friend from every part of my home?

Some days are ok and some are not. I need you all to help me through just like you did when when my sweet beagle, Molly, passed 4 years ago.

Thanks, Dawn
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I lost my beautiful buddy, Ebby (see Ebby's story if you want) a month ago.  She was only 8 and it was very sudden!!  This is the first time I have lost a pet since I have retired - and have more time on my hands.  I think that makes it even more difficult...I shed some tears every day for her, and for the first 2-3 weeks I felt like I was in a fog.  We have two other dogs, and they have had to adjust also.  I'm starting to come out of the fog now - doing more things around the yard and house, but still I cry every day.  

Facing time alone will be difficult!  She was the perfect dog for me - we had a real connection!  I think the shock of a sudden death makes it harder to deal with.

My thoughts are with you - keeping you in my prayers.
Love you to the moon and back....
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Carolyn, your love for Ebby will never die. Her memories will be in your heart forever.
That is what I have been trying to tell myself with Elphaba, but I am not convinced yet.
Elphaba was also 8 years old. Too young not to me with us. The suddenness and the tragedy of her death haunts me.
She was so little and precious. Loved by all and bringing joy with her every move.
I wish I could post a picture of her because her face was so darling- I can't believe I am saying was.....
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It was 2 weeks ago this morning that you were bit by another dog. Please know how sorry daddy and I are that this happened to you. You were on your leash and we always wanted to protect you. This is the second Sunday we faced and my stomach hurts so bad because I feel so guilty.
If you and daddy would have left the house one minute later.....
If your walk was another direction..,...
You would still be here beside me.
God wanted his sweet angel puppy with Him. Selfishly, I want you with me..
I love you you Elphaba and I always will. I miss you with all my heart
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