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My baby tigg passed away march 25 2019 we had to put him to sleep that awful day 😢 time has gone so quick but yet it still feels like it was yesterday , I think about him every single moment of every day I really don’t know when it’s going to get a little easier for me , I still have his last bit of food out his water dish that’s totally empty his litter that’s all dried out where he took his last pee, me side of the bed where he used to sleep where his claw marks are still embedded in the sheets where he used to lay I touch and caress them every night just patting them as if he was just laying there I randomly call out his name , I say goodnight to my love every single night as if he can hear me , I just don’t know what every day brings right now but I can only hope in time I can accept the fact that he’s passed over to the beautiful rainbow bridge and he’s happy running around and just looking for his mother so I can hold him in my arms and never let him go 😭until we meet again my beautiful baby tigg your mother loves you and always will forever . You are my heart ♥️ I always look for you everyday my baby ♥️

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I am so sorry about the loss of your beloved baby Tigg.  He has such an interesting expression in the picture you posted and I am drawn to  his eyes.  You must have had a very good life together.  Grief is a terrible thing but it goes with love.  The more we loved our babies, the  more important they were to us, the more we grieve.  If they were central to our daily routines, it is extremely difficult to maintain the same routine.  I have experienced this with the loss of my Lenny baby and still miss him very much.  I have gone on with my life but there is a hole in my heart that will always be there.

I didn't want the reminders of food, litter, etc. to be left so I had my husband remove them.  I gave away his things to other cats in need.  There is no right or wrong way to do this; it is just what I did.  I kept the bed my grandson lovingly made for Lenny and that is a reminder every time I see it.  I also have his ashes in the beautiful box they came in next to a blooming plant and near a window with a lot of sunlight.

I believe our babies do go  to the Rainbow Bridge.  I hope that Tigg and Lenny have found each other, along with the other friends I hope Lenny has made.  They can run, jump and be free from illness and pain now and enjoy the sunshine.  I know you will always love Tigg and there will always be a special spot in your heart for him.  I am sure he felt very loved during the time you were together and I hope for those reunions one day at the Rainbow Bridge.


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What a pretty cream-colored kitty! Sorry for your loss and the grief one must endure following a loss. Stick around, we are all trying to endure together. Many hugs!
Furry Love Is Forever
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