(Around 3:20 AM)

About an hour ago, my very first dog who I admired the most was put to sleep. When we came home after a family dinner at my aunt's for Valentine's Day, my sister noticed Romeo breathing oddly. I ran to check and he would not get up. I felt bad for him because it seemed as if he was in pain. I began tearing up a bit. My mom immediately called an emergency room for animals and set up an appointment. It took about 10 minutes to get Romeo out of his cage. It might've been longer if it wasn't for me taking him out. We rushed him to the emergency room. There were a couple people there already and everyone had their heads down. I knew I wasn't going out happy. A lady came in a few minutes later and had said her dog was bit and she was bleeding a lot. The dog was a husky, and as I entered a small room where I was to meet Romeo, I heard the dog whimpering a couple doors down. My sister, mom, and I were crying. Several people walking in and out of our room. The First Lady had said Romeo was going to be okay, his heart was pumping liquid into his lungs and he needed oxygen to breathe so they put him in a oxygen incubator. She said he was fine and that'd we'd be able to see where he was going to spend the night. She left the room saying her assistant would be back with the bill for the visit. A man with blonde hair walked in with a clipboard and sat down. Right before he sat down, I had a flashback. I remembered my mom saying that if Romeo needed surgery for his heart that we'd just put him to sleep because she did not have that kind of money. That was about 1 week ago.. When I first heard Romeo's heart murmur. I thought it would eventually go away and even googled how bad it was. I never knew it was as bad as this. The bill came up to be $1700-$1900 and the next morning we would still have to take him to the vet for medication which would cost $70-$80 a month according to the lady that first came in. The man walked out and gave us a moment. I told my mom to call my aunt to see if she could come support me during this difficult moment. My mom asked her how much it costed her to put her cat to sleep. My mom began to cry and I knew it was because she had made up her mind during the phone call. I had told my mom "this is it, this is it." I knew Romeo was going to be put down and I absolutely hated how a dog's life was based on $. A different lady, from the register came in with forms for the euthanasia procedure. Before that, we got to say goodbye to Romeo. I was thinking on whether to stay for the procedure or to just leave and have his ashes sent in 10-14 (business) days. The word "business" was emphasized a lot by the doctors. If we were to have decided to put him to sleep a couple hours from now, Romeo would've been on some expensive injections that wouldn't have guaranteed him life either way so as his owner, I let my mom go through with it. My sister decided to wait in the car while my mom and I stayed to watch Romeo leave this world. Romeo was already dying on his own. His eyes were closing shut but he forced them open because he knew the pain we felt. He wanted to stay alive to keep us happy but I knew it was the right thing to do.. My baby was suffering. The doctor injected the anesthesia and Romeo fell unconscious and then came the euthanasia.. Romeo's heart stopped. The reason I decided to stay was because I read online somewhere that we would be the last faces he'd see. Faces that he recognized and felt safe and comfort with. I was shaking a lot before and after the process. I told him "you were the best dog I ever had." I told him he'd be reunited with some of his kids that he'd lost. My mom mentioned that he died on the same day her grandma passed away a few years ago. Crazy thing about it was that my aunt dreamed of her grandma the night before Valentine's Day and told my mom about it. My mom knew it was a sign and told Romeo that this is why my aunt dreamt that. I feel awful and it's currently 3:29 AM. I miss my buddy. I feel empty and I feel as if this is a nightmare. I miss him so much. Juliet misses him so much. But Romeo is in a better place now and I'll meet him soon. I can't wait for that day. Meanwhile, I have a dream and I'll try my best to make it come true, for Romeo.

R.I.P. Romeo
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Oh I am so, so sorry about Romeo. To see him suffering and in pain is heartbreaking. But you were there for him...and peace when crossing to the Rainbow Bridge. Now the wicked hard part comes for you & for your family. We all understand here.  Hugs, Kasey
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I too want to express my sorrow for you losing your baby.  You did all you could for him, try to accept that.  The greatest gift we can give our babies is to NOT let them suffer.  They give us so much and we owe them that at the very least.  Romeo's quality of life would not have been good even if you did have the money, so try to take that out of your grief.

I am sure he was met by many loving animals just waiting to play with him.
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Romeo looked like my baby-dog, his coloring and his ears...words can't express my sorrow for you. My baby's last day of life was 01/21 this year. I can't seem to put my heart back together...it'll forever be broken. We truly feel all of your pain. We're here for you. This forum has helped me when no one else could. I hope we can help you somehow if we can. Our little babies "are" waiting for us. It's just a second of time for them when they see us again, though it feels like a million years before we'll see them again. Prayers for your healing ... again so so sorry.
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I will keep you and your family in my prayers.Romeo will be waiting for you in Heaven and loves you for taking care of him to his last breath.
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Thanks. Especially to beaglemomma. I seriously thought my Romeo could've been better if we had the money but I doubt it. He was in pain and suffering so much. :'( I still remember everything.. The whole 3 hours at the hospital. But he's in a better place now. I start my 2nd semester of senior year tomorrow. I know Romeo will be in my mind throughout this whole semester.. Just went through old videos and photos. He's been with me since the 4th grade. The 4th grade! Romeo hung in there for me. I love that little guy so much for that. Juliet didn't feel like eating or drinking water but only time will heal the pain and sorrow we feel. It's been a long day... I'm calling it a night. Once again, thanks for the comments and experiences that you have all shared with me. It made me feel so much better. Romeo's at the Rainbow Bridge. <3
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Oh my, I've only just lost my best friend too. Today is day 5 without her. The people here have been a great help for me so far and I hope for you too. He looked like a lovely little guy and I know the hurt and emptiness you're feeling. That awful gap where so much love used to be. I wish I could magic the hurt away for all of us, I really do.

Sleep tight Romeo x
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I am so sorry for your loss, I just lost my dog who was also named Romeo earlier this month.  I know how unbearable the pain of loss is.  I am sure your precious one was like your child, your baby, just as my dear little boy was to me. 

A dear friend came to see me about a week ago, and she helped me to understand that what I had done was a gift to my Romeo, and released him from a painful and difficult death.

The pain does not leave, but it does get better.  I am still thinking of my little boy every day, especially during those little everyday tasks and actions in which he took part, but I have finally quit crying all the time.  I will be praying for you that God will give you solace.
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I also lost my baby on 1/21 as someone else here as well. Bad experience at the vet after a terrible accident and resulted in euthanizing him. I can relate to you so well.
My condolences and peace to you and your family.
Calum's Mommy Forever <3 
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My first day without Ollie my cat he was PTS yesterday. I know how you feel and one minute I'm relieved I did it and next thinking did I do the right thing. When they suffer so much it's the right thing to do And in time we will both get comfort from that, you just have to go with the flow . Be kind to yourself and know you did the right thing
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