12 years we were never apart. I was fortunate that we could be together 
every day 24/7 . She never took her eyes off of me,, when the 2 coyotes charged you at the barn, when you would not come in, driving me nuts, when I heard you screaming,, now this was a Wire Haired Fox Terrier, when I ran like a banshee out the door knowing that the coyotes/wolves where everywhere that year.. I knew you were standing guard, I knew why you would not come in, that I was now confronted with 2 of the biggest wolves I had seen, one black and silver the other one all gold loping calmly towards you, I was all insane banshee screaming in a voice I did not recognize, a voice I believe we all have in us but it was from a place that was pure fear, these things were huge. I could not process what my eyes were seeing,, my screaming slowed them and they turned and started a slow trot off and my 15 lb terrier now thinks this is a good time to chase wolves on the run. It is January, it is dark, I was so scared I am screaming so hard, Peekin stopped in time, I ran and grabbed her and we got back in the barn slammed the door. I held her tight as she, and I, had a melt down. 
We were both shaking so hard.. this was my girl, my buddy my fur baby
2 weeks ago she stepped in front of my friends car and went under the wheel. I was there and it was only a few minutes.. this is not really making 
the fact that she is gone any better... 
It is so final, so quick,, I just want her back,,,we were not done. 
I don't know what to do... 

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I am so sorry Kristina, that must have been devastating for you to witness.  First of all, you`ve come to the right place here, everyone understands totally what you`re going through right now. I don`t know how I`d have coped without this site when we lost our dog 5 months ago, it definately saved my sanity. 
 The first few weeks are so hard, trying to adjust to a life without them - it doesn`t seem real. I also started writing in a journal , which I still write in daily. Any little memories, poems - I even write to my dog, letting him know how much we loved him and how we miss him.    Just take it a day at a time, you had 12 wonderful years with your girl  - lovely memories to look back on, and you will slowly start to feel a little better, although I know at the moment you don`t think you will.

                                                                               Hugs, Jackie
J Taylor
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How tragic for a little dog standing up to big wolves--I love wolves btw--to have their precious life end under a wheel of a car--one of my biggest fears for Bailey and my cats.  My grandmother's dog Noodles, was killed by a car, when she was old.

So sorry for your loss. 
October 31, 2002 - April 19, 2016 10:25 P.M.
My best friend, my companion, my love


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I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet baby. The first episode with the wolves must have shattered your heart, then the incident with the car, and witnessing it, is beyond words.

Please know you have come to the right place, we are all here for the same reason, grieving our beloved pets who are our children!

My condolences & please know you are not alone...


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I am so sorry for your loss. How excruciating your loss is. To survive the Wolves and then be taken so tragically by a car, I can't even imagine. My heart breaks for you and your friend. We are all here for you. You are not alone. I had to put my wheaten terrier Sadie down on feb. 18th at 7 and a half years old due to kidney failure. I could not have survived without this site and the wonderful people with such kind words of support.
Wishing you peace and healing
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Peek  I am so sorry and heartbroken to read the loss of your baby.   What a brave girl your Peekin was.  Please come here often.  We are all grieving the loss of our loved ones.  Blessings  Sue
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Thank you all so much, I have never really thought seriously about going to Heaven or someplace to be reunited with friends and family, but I sure do hope and pray there is a place we go where we can be with our fur buddies. 
Some days are a bit better, this is not one of them.. Peekins mommy
Peekin hugging her Bear
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She was beautiful Kristina! Such a cute picture of her with her bear! (:
I'm so very sorry you lost her!!
Hugs to you!
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She was so cute with her bear,, the only toy she ever played with,, after supper every night she would toss the bear around and then sleep on him
Now I sleep with the bear, I can't hold her, crazy empty, somehow it helps.. 
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Hi Kristina,
I love the picture of Peekin with her bear! She was so adorable!
You need to do whatever helps you right now. It must be so sad to have her bear (but hopefully it can bring you a little comfort.). When my Bailey died I put his bed away but I had to bring it back out again - It was harder seeing that empty space.
What a brave little soul she was, chasing after the wolves. So tragic that she was killed so senselessly after that. :(
I am so sorry for your loss!! I hope you are able to find some peace!
Sending Hugs!
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She Was 12 years old, had gotten poisoned by the Iams dog food scandal a few years back
She survived but her kidneys were compromised, she was on meds for renal failure as her Dr had said it would be 
most likely what does her in in the end, I could see a time coming that I think is more heart breaking 
The thing is she still ran the full length of the beach, full speed, she was so full of life and out ran any dog on the beach.
So she peed in her sleep, I did a lot of laundry, many baths but she never acted or knew she was perhaps not 100% 
The moment she stepped in front of the car I could see her panic ,, she was heading to me and went right under the car
What I now realize is that in the past month or so she had seemed to go deaf, I was just about to call the Vet but had not considered how she 
had used her hearing to always avoid cars, she was a pro, she would look both ways before crossing a street.
I just had so much faith in her.. one car not even 10 mph  and she stepped off the yard and went under the front wheel, 
rolled over and over and the back wheel got her.. she was still trying to run, when the car was done and she rolled out from under the back wheel 
She got up and ran a few steps, on her front legs,  her back was broken, everything was crushed, she collapsed . I was able to put my hand on her 
as she took her last breaths, just to be there with her. Yet I feel now I should have done more.. I was distracted by my friend who was hysterical for running over Peekin trying to calm her as I am trying to be with Peekin.. I guess it is ok but perhaps we all feel like we had things to say or some unfinished goodbye. 

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Hi Kristina,  I can`t imagine how you ( and your friend ) must feel, that is just so tragic. I really don`t think you could have done any more - something as unexpected as that - there`s just no time to react quickly enough. The only consolation is that you were able to able to touch her as she passed, she would have known you were there with her. 
                                                                               Sending you Peace & Hugs,  Jackie
J Taylor
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I'm sorry for your loss. I hope you can find peace and understanding here- We understand your pain and want to hear how you feel. Praying for your lovely furbaby. 

-Berne's Mom
Berne's Mom
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I am so sorry for your loss of Peekin in such a tragic way.  So without warning . . . it was difficult enough to know about her kidneys but you could not ever see this.  I understand with all my heart your acceptance of the kidney problems- the incontinence over which she had no control -just taking it in stride because of your love for her.  I lost my girl two months and I think to kidney failure - but she too like your Peekin never ever showed a moment of sickness or not loving life.  She too enjoyed every moment - 100% of her in it, running, playing . . .
My heart breaks for you and wish for all of us there was a miracle that would ease the heartache, the pain and the self-doubts.  Instead, we were blessed to have little miracles in our lives through the love and companionship of our companions.  Warm thoughts for you . . .
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Thank you all so much, it has been 1 month and hearing from you folks has been amazing. A few days ago a friend of mine adopted what has to be a puppy mill dog, from a so called "Breeder" a 1 year old Yorky that is a mess. I had my own dog grooming shop for 7 years in the 70s, so I know dogs pretty well. It has been helpful to help my friend who has MS and is in a wheelchair. 
The Yorky is not house broken, probably has never been out of a cage, was stripped down to it's skin with clipper burns and has not had much in the way of shots from what I can tell. Of course she is not spayed and I am sure has had at least 1 litter. She will snap if you move to quickly but is so bonded to Gary already, they drive around in the electric wheel chair with Skye pressed up against Gary enjoying the ride and being outside.  Being able to help another furbaby has eased my grief. Kris 
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