I just had to put my golden mix down on Friday Night. she was such a wonderful doggie. Never realized it would be this hard. We loved her sooooooooo much. Just wish she was back with us again but she was in so much pain. So thankful there is a page like this to talk to people.
Diane Lehman
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Hi Diane I,m so sorry for your loss of Maxine, I lost my little girl Lilly 7 weeks ago and still cry every day these beautiful souls tear a deep hole in our hearts when they leave us take care and look after yourself I know it’s so hard.
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Hi Diane, I am so very sorry for your loss.  Making that decision to free them of their pain is one of the hardest things we have to do, as it goes against our very nature - but we do it out of pure love.   There is nothing worse than seeing our precious animals suffer, either from illness or old age - we had to make the same decision almost 2 years ago for our little dog Jim, and it was soul destroying, but we were left with absolutely no choice - just as you were for your girl.    Someone here told me that it really is the last gift of love we can give them, and those words helped me so much in coming to terms with his loss.        When you feel ready, maybe you can tell us a little more about your dog, and post some photos of her - I would love to see her.  Take care,

                                                                                            Hugs, Jackie. 
J Taylor
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