I llost my stormy cat to cancer. She has been gone for 2weeks I won't go in to the lost and guilt that I feel. I am sure everyone has gone through this I lost my dog 6 mo this ago and both deaths were sudden. They were fine and 1 day they were sick. Took them to the vet and in 2 weeks they were gone. They were both rescue pets
I know I did the right thing I both cases but my grieving goes on. I have 4 rescue cats left but I have question my right to have pets. To lose th so fast. And not due to old age is hard. I will just throw this in I lost my son last year. He was 34 it was sudden. He just didn't come to work. One day. With all this grief I don't know where to turn. It is really bad
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Hi Carolz; you are not alone, and yes,sudden deaths suck, you have no time to plan. And i am sorry for losing your beloved son last year at such a young age.....The circle of life is hard, sometimes we do not know what to expect or how long any of our pets (or blood relatives, for the sake of your son) will be in our lives. And yes, cancer too, it sucks, it took your cat and my 2 dogs last year Munki and Daizy, even though though they were both 4 years apart, the dreaded cancer, in its last stage took them Munki within 6 days and Daizy within 1 month......

Please keep posting here and know you are not alone.....I've been on this website since Dec 2015 and I still grieve, it does get easier as time goes on, but you have to go thru the emotional rollercoaster, some good days some not....I pray alot, talk to my babies alot and journal alot..those seem to help me.

Huge hugs your way!!


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Dear Carolz,
You have suffered so much loss! I am so sorry about your son, as well as your cat and dog. I think what you are feeling is normal considering everything you have been through. Do you have someone you can talk to about all of this? I am so glad you found this forum where there is always someone to offer support. As Cam said, you are not alone. Everyone here knows the grief of losing a cherished pet. I can't imagine having lost your son as well! I am so sorry for the pain you are going through. I think it's wonderful that you rescued these animals. Please allow your remaining cats to comfort you. Animals sense when we are in pain and they want to be there for us. Also, keep coming here to the forum and let us know how you are doing.
Wishing you peace,
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