I had to put my dearest Kitty pie to sleep yesterday.  I am devastated and very sad.  He was my best friend, my companion for 14 years.  I am going to miss him so much, I feel so lost and empty in my life right now.  He was always there for me when I needed him.  When I would cry, he was there for me.  When I would get angry, he was there to calm me down.  When I was lonely, he was there for me.  When I needed love, he was there for me.  Now, he isn't here anymore and a part of me is gone.  He was my life.  I have been crying the past four days, when I first learned of his condition.  I have been crying up a storm since Thursday, when I realized I had to make the most difficult decision of my life.  Kitty was a Manx, born June 1996, and died peacefully in my arms on Friday, March 18, 2011.  I love him so much!!  R.I.P. my little precious pie.  He was white with crystal blue eyes.

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I feel your pain. Mine died 3 days ago and he was only sick for 3 days before that. He was only allowed to reach the age of 10, which is too young.

I feel exactly how you described. You are not alone. I hope you will find this place comforting, it is for me. 

I wish you peace today... 
Reilly, I will love you forever. I will see you at the Rainbow Bridge.
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Busman....I am so sorry for your loss. When we have to part ways here on earth, it is still very difficult to let our babies journey to the bridge.

There are many of us here that had the same kind of relationship with our best friends and we understand how you are feeling. Things will get better and the hurt and grief you are feeling right now will subside. It just takes time and allowing yourself to grieve.

In the meantime, we are here for you and we understand your grief.
Chipper's Mom

Momma's Chipper Boy (9/19/95 - 1/30/11) My heart, my love, my buddy! I miss you and love you so, so much! I can't wait to see you at the bridge! Love, Mommy

Lady "Ladybugs" (8/2/03 - 6/5/17) My sweet girl. Thanks for the walks, playtime, sock collection, boo boo kisses and love you gave all of us. We will miss you dearly! Until we meet again...we love you!
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What a beautiful baby!  I'm so sorry.  This is day three of the pain for me.  I know exactly how you feel and "empty" describes it perfectly.  You are not alone.  If it's possible, I hope you find the tiniest bit of comfort in that.  Sending love to you.  

We may not be together in the way we used to be, but we are still connected by a cord no eye can see.
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I'm so sorry that you had to put your kitty to sleep.  On January 1st, I had to put my sweetheart kittykat Duffy to sleep because of terrible kidney problems.  It happened so quickly, because we thought he might just be a diabetic when we took him in that day.  He was 23 years old and had him for almost 20 of those years..  He 's a flame point siamese who looks a lot like your kitty.  Your pictures are beautiful.

So many of us are going through the same thing as you.  It takes awhile to get used to not seeing them, while the love is there forever and never subsides.  I find that having pictures of him throughout the house helps a little bit.  I believe we will all be reunited with them again and stay
with them forever. There seems to be a lot of ups and downs on the grieving.  There seems to be some days that are real difficult and other days
that are easier.

We're here for each other to help, because we are going through so much of the same thing. 

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Thank you all, for the kind words and comfort. The house is so quiet and still.  His food tray still has dry food in it.  His paw prints are imbedded in the leather sofa where he was sleeping last Tuesday before I took him to the vet.  This is so painful, I don't know how I'm going to live in this house without him.  This was his house!  Oh Kitty Kitty Kitty, I miss you so much!!!!
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I feel your loss. What wonderful pictures of a very handsome guy! I know it's awful to lose such an important companion; it feels like a huge part of you is missing. Because it is...
All I can say is... When you grieve your lost Furry Ones, it's the most natural thing in the world. Our grief and hurt is a testimony to their unconditional love, affection, and wisdom. Take comfort in the love you gave him; the Forever Home he cherished.
Here you will find peace and understanding.
In a world getting nuttier (and I mean nuttier) by the day, our Furry Ones offer us refuge and solace.
We hurt so intensely when they go - because they enrich our lives immeasurably...

"A performing artist she; she purred with the mastery of an accomplished musician."
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Today I went in the backyard to visit his grave.  It was painful.  I am so sad he is gone, I'm still in shock.  It all just happened so fast.  I want to share something with all of you, and I felt this was the right place to do it.  About 3 hours after I buried Kitty, I was sitting there, staring into blank space not thinking of anything, exhausted from all of the crying and stress, when all of a sudden I had a vision.  It was a dark tunnel with a glow of light at the end, and Kitty was slowly walking away from me.  He stopped as if he felt my presence, and turned his shoulders to the left and looked back at me. Then he turned around and ran away into the glow at the end of the tunnel.  Then the vision went away.  I was given the blessing to see Kitty go to heaven.  He looked at me one last time before he went running away.  I know I will see him again one day, but the pain of him being gone is really tough right now.  This vision gave me peace because I know Kitty is okay.  It is me who is not doing too well.  Thank you all for your love, support and understanding. 

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Busman...my heart and soul goes out to you. Along with everyone else on the board, I completely understand. Last Wednesday was a month since my Maci (brown and tan tabby) passed away in my arms...she was 18. I completely understand sitting and staring into blank space...not thinking of anything. I experience that quite often. This is a very, very tough road ahead of us.
Please continue to come back to this website...it has been a source of comfort for me. Also, check out this book when you have time..."Saying Goodbye to your Angel Animals" Finding Comfort After Losing Your Pet by Allen and Linda Anderson. The book is AWESOME!!!!

Kitty is a precious, cute furbaby.

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Busman- I too am so sorry for your loss.  I had to put my Bubbacat to sleep after a sudden and unidentified illness.  He was fine on Saturday, and after a trip to the vet and the emergency vet, he could barely stand and was struggling to breathe.  Wednesday morning at 3 am, I held him in my arms as the vet put him to sleep.  It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do, and the depth of grief was the same as losing a family member.  He was a building block to my life for 11 years.  He went with me to college, graduation, work, marriage, everything significant.  When I lost him, it was just "unreality".  I couldn't accept it at all, and my mind would just not wrap around it.  I find that talking about it and posting helps me.  Your baby is beautiful, and know that his beautiful spirit is still with you.  Thoughts and prayers go out to you.
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I am deeply sorry for your loss and do understand the emptiness you feel. Right now, our house just feels so empty without Bennie, who passed last night. I love that vision you had, what a wonderful blessing! Not just for you, but for us to hear about it. Please know you are not alone.

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