I lost my cat Daisy 9 weeks ago today. She was 18, I got her when I was 8. She was such a poorly girl we had to let her go but my heart is so unbelievably broken. I have never known pain like this Ive cried more over the last 2 days then I ever have in my life and its impacting on everything around me. I can't even think about her without breaking down and Im not a crier. I keep replaying the moment she took her last breath. I dont feel I'll ever come to terms with her loss. I catch myself thinking that I wish Id never got her so I wouldn't know the heartbreak of losing her. Please tell me I won't feel like this forever.
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My Dearest Gabriella,

"You will not feel like this forever." This is evidenced by all the hundreds of posts here on the forum from those who have lost their beloved's and completely healed. Who after the unfortunate grieving process they experienced, which you are now currently experiencing, were able to heal and look back at their memories of their lost pets and predominantly think of and remember only their fondest and most cherished memories of them. That is what comes to the forefront of their minds. Not the sadness, greif, guilt, regret, 2nd guessing etc. 

What you are currently experiencing is natural. Eventually you will realize again that it was worth experiencing the grief that you are currently coping with to have known Daisy.

Please know that you are not alone. We are all with you in spirit and comdraship. There are many kind, compassionate, understanding, sweet, knowledgeable, wise, experienced, loving souls here on the forum. At times they are too hurt to post, share and lend support, but they are still present. You may find it comforting to read through others posts and the comments that follow. There is so much wisdom here and so many stories that you will relate to.

I am very sorry to learn of your loss of your beloved Daisy. I am glad that your and her paths crossed when they did and that she knew such love, affection, adoration from you, during her long life. And that she reciprocated in kind. All cats should be so blessed, as should all human beings.

My sincerest condolences and kindest regards,
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I am very sorry for your loss of your sweet Daisy. As James already said, you will not feel this way forever. In time a happy memory of the love you and Daisy shared will remind you that she was worth the heartbreak you are feeling now. I'm sure you had a very strong bond with her and that she was with you through good times and bad. I'm also sure that she would want you to be happy and remember all the good times you shared.

My condolences,
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Dear Gabriella, I’m so sorry you lost Daisy. The grief can be all consuming when we lose out beloved pets. I’m sending out healing thoughts to you. I hope you write an update to let us know how you’re doing.
Hugs to you!
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