My baby boy was a beautiful Maine Coon, only a year and a half old. He was so big and handsome, and even total strangers said I had a beautiful cat and admired him. All the time I'd think myself lucky that I had such a lovely, handsome man. He was soul mates with my other cat, Galen. They were best friends, choosing to spend time with each other rather than us silly humans. Kitty soul mates.

I was on a family vacation when my roommate called, saying my baby had trouble breathing. She took him to the vet. Next day he was diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which a lot of coons get. The next day he threw a clot, then another, and then had severe heart arrhythmia and was going into cardiac arrest. They said my baby wouldn't survive the night. I was 800 miles away and had to give the order to put my boy to sleep.

I wanted so badly to be there with him, to sing to him while they did it. But I couldn't get a plane home in time.

Me and Galen are grieving so hard. Galen's not taking it well at all. He wanders the apartment crying, then curls up and sleeps for hours on end, not moving.
I want my baby boy back.
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I am soooo sorry for your loss. I had a beautiful Maine Coon years ago, he was a big boy and lovable. He died of natural causes though.  Do you have a page for your baby, I'd love to visit it.
I know it must be hard being so far away and having to make that decision. The pain will eventually subside, but I don't believe that it will ever vanish.
It' been one month since our baby boy Rottie walked over the bridge. He was only a year and 3 mos old, a special needs boy. The pain we felt was unbearable, until we found this site. The wonderful people here have felt the same pain and are always here to help you with kind words. Please keep visiting here, trust me it will be worth while. Bless you and Galen both.
In Loving Memory of Rottie, our baby boy
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I feel your pain. I too was not there when my one and a half year old cat died on Tuesday on her way to the vet with my husband. She was hit by a car and the pain and guilt I have been feeling are killing me. I miss her so much and just wish she would come home...:(

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I am so very sorry to hear about your stunning loss.  I loved an HCM kitty, and we were blessed with five years of bonus time with him after he was diagnosed.  His diagnosis was in 1988 when treatment for HCM was in its early days.  My dad had died of the same condition five years earlier, and he was also a physician and clinical professor of medicine, so I was hopeful that we would be able to treat Bingo as well ans anyone could.  Sure enough, using many of the same medications, and limiting Bingo's activity for his first few weeks at home, we were granted that wonderful reprieve.  I am so very sorry to hear that Dukat's diagnosis was so much more advanced than Bingo's was.  For you to have been so far away when this happened is an additional heartache that I just can't imagine.

It takes time to recover from such a devastating and sudden loss.  Be gentle with yourself.  Let the tears flow.  Smile when you can and cry when you must.  All tears are healing tears.  They help to wash away our sorrow and allow the first buds of happiness to blossom in our hearts.

Going from two to one is a challenge.  Our animal friends mourn their losses too, but they recover more quickly than we do.  They tend to live in the present, not dwelling on what was.  They live in the what is better than we do.  With your love and guidance Galen will recover.  When the time is right another kitty will find his way to you.  Your Angel Dukhat will make sure of that.  He will send the new one to you to bring you smiles.

You, Galen, and your beautiful Angel Dukhat are in my thoughts and prayers for comfort and peace within.

My heart is battered and bruised, but I will not let it break. It holds such precious cargo, I must protect it now. (Susie Squillions)

"Memories of loved ones are like songs in our soul." Margaret Wakeley




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How very sad you were not able to be there at the time, but, there was no way you could have known something like this would happen.  I'm sure that was very difficult to be 800 miles away.  He sounds like a very beautiful cat.  Later, when you feel like it, I hope you will share some pictures and stories.  Take good care of sounds as if he is taking it hard, too. 

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I'm so very sorry for your loss.  I know how hard it was to make the decision to euthanize.  I've had to do it, and it's so devastating.  I'm so sorry for the pain and grief you and Galen both are having to endure.  I know it's so dang hard. 

Main Coons are beautiful cats.  Your baby boy, Dukhat, had to have been gorgeous.  When I lost my beloved Blueboy back in '93, his soul mate, Sammy, grieved hard for him.  He missed him terribly, as did I, of course.

I'm so glad you've found this forum.  We are here for you to help you during this difficult time.  My heart goes out to you.


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Thanks to everyone for their kind words. This is one of the hardest things I've ever hard to deal with. It's one thing for like...friends moving away and the suchlike. But it's another thing with my Dukhat. Google told me that since he died young it was probably hereditary, and I don't know anything about his heritage other than he was probably a Maine Coon. He was found in a campground, abandoned when he was a kitten. Someone brought him to me and I took him home. He fit pretty much all the breed standards except for having the pedigree, and...hell, he even fit the freaking genetic condition of the HCM. God, that's not fair. He was so beautiful. I was going to show him; I showed him once not for the "ooh fancy fancy!" but because I wanted everyone to look at my cat. "My cat is beautiful! You should look at him. Everyone should look at my cat because he's gorgeous. I never get tired of looking at my cat!"

I'm getting together as many pictures of my boy as I can. I'm going to make a scrapbook or something out of all the Dukhat pictures. He's beautiful in every single one. I thought so many times, I'm so lucky to have found such a lovely creature. I'm so blessed that he's my kitty and I'm his human.

Galen is grieving muchly. He's wandering the apartment crying, and spends most of the day curled up on one pillow in the corner of the couch. He's half Siamese but never talks, so it's weird to hear him talking, and crying, and asking for attention because he never does. I suppose a small miracle would be that I heard him purr for the first time ever. Galen's a rescue and he was tormented by children before he came to me, so he's extremely face shy and we didn't even see him his first week here. I thought him incapable of purring; but then I heard him recently. He also let me beep his nose once and I got so confused. I used to beep Dukhat's nose all the time. And sometimes he'd beep mine back.

I want Dukhat back. I want him back more than I can say. My brain still sees him alive and well and moving, and it's like, when I open my eyes I expect to see him in life because he's so vivid in my mind. I don't understand why he's gone. It's not fair, and I never use that phrase.

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