It has been 5 weeks and 2 days since my world came to a halt. I miss you everyday and I wish you could come back to me!
The weather is finally cooling down alittle bit (for Florida lol) and I know you would be enjoying the breeze right now. I am going for my morning walk and thought, as usual of you, so I stopped at the park to write you. Gypsy is doing better but I know she is still lost without you as well. I think Toby was looking for you again this morning. The bed is so empty without you. I miss and love you my baby boy. I would give you my kidney if I could. You are the smartest cat I have ever had. You in my heart forever. Love Mommy
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Hi Becky,
I've written before. I'm stopping by to send my condolences.  I still love that name "Shemp."  So cute and unique.

I hope you find comfort in writing to Shemp. I write often to my little guy, Parker.  They say it's therapeutic.  I say it would be more therapeutic if he was here with me again.

Take care,

~ Parker's Mom
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Parker's Mom,
Thank you!!! Most of the time people repeat the name with a odd look on their face when I say his name is Shemp. It is the 2nd time I wrote him in the 5 weeks since he's bern gone. You are right, it would be better if they were here. Still kinda raw for me to do it.
It's strange because I ran across an article about the 3 Stooges yesterday!!! They certainly did have a hard life but their humor certainly was liked by many. Sad they passed away at a young age as well.
I read your story about your babies as well. It is heart wrenching that human beings can be so cruel to animals. I am not a vindictive person, but I hope these people rot in hell.
I so applaud you for fostering! It takes a special person to do it. I would be a foster fail. I was suppose to watch one of my friends cat that she just took in off the streets for 2 wks while she went to Germany. (She already has 8 cats ). Needless to say his name is Toby now lol. I couldn't give him up being here for 2 wks!
Thank you again for your kind words, it warms my heart. Hugs to you.
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