I took my nubbins to vet to get him fixed and get his eye took out he lost his eye and could not see and it had drainage.... It's been rough 10 days on oct 12th my rooster Connie died and nubbins was missing I cryed the loss of Connie he was 6 years old he would have turned 7 in April I had him since he 2 days old...4 days goes by and nubbins came home he could barely meow he was so horse... He was momas boy we talked alot lol.. he get on table and meow for me meow MoMA till I gave him his favorite treat... He would slap me sometime if I didn't hurry lol he was awesome.... Well on oct 22 I
got him got lots of sugars( he loved MoMA kisses he sit on my right arm with his head in my left hand so I could rub his he'd and kiss on him... and put him in carrier took him to vet they fixed him they called me all was good so took out his eye put him in recovery check on him 2 times 3 Rd time he wasn't breathing try to put treak tube in took 2 minutes his throat was swealed shut said his trakea collapsed.,vet told me that is vary rare he had never had it happen to him before..done CPR they called and told me he died I feel so lost its all my fault if I hadn't taken him to vet he still be here with me.... It hurts so bad my poor baby his thoughts ( MoMA locked me in room with no food put me in box and left me with strangers)) I hurt do bad I can't control my tears... I went and got him everyone at vet office hugged me and said they were sorry the vet was in tears when he talked to me...I have other pets also nubbins MoMA and his sister and I have 2 dogs and they are all confused as why I keep crying...I lost my Connie rooster oct 12 and my Nubbins cat Oct 22nd.. I blame myself if I kept him home yesterday I would still have him...
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Dear Michelle,

I am very saddened to read of the loss of your beloved Nubbins. By your words it is easy to tell how loving and devoted you were to him. And I am glad that he experienced such love, kindness and compassion during his lifetime for as long as he did.

You did what the situation called for, you took your boy to the Vet's to seek treatment. Nubbin's knew that. He would never blame you. Cats are very smart. They may not like the Vets but they know why they are there. My cat Marmalade despised the Vets. He would act very calm, cool, mellow, collected and innocent, but boy oh boy when they would bring him into the back all Hell would break loose. There would be the sound of breaking glass, things being thrown against walls, people crashing into one another etc. And when the nurses (some of them were males) would return Marmalade to the lobby where I was waiting, Marmalade would be all calm again in his cat carrier but the nurses would be white as sheets, with their hair all tousled, their lips quivering and they would have thousand yard stares as if they had been in battle. They would say "He is really pissed off today. BUT if the Vets treatment was going well? And Marmalade was feeling better from it (in other words if the Vet had done his job well?) Marmalade would cooperate fully and even adjust his position on an examination table for him to receive care etc. 

Again, you did what you needed to do, based upon what was required of you. Cats in the wild only live 2 to 5 years on average. That is the time that they are biologically designed and engineered to live for. I'm assuming your Nubbins was an outdoor cat too, as you wrote he disappeared for a few days. There is a saying that I have read from 3 different Vets (2 from the U.S. and 1 from the U.K.) "You treat one thing, it triggers another." This is the truth of things when it comes to treating our pets. 

I hope you continue to heal and allow your inner healing mechanism to do its thing. You were born with one, it is your birthright.

Kind regards and my sincerest condolences,

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