It has been a little over 2 months since I lost my precious baby boy, who came into my life at the age of 8. His real name that we gave him was Sir Chancellor Sarajevo, he got that name for it was his 2nd Chance and it was in December that we got him.  Chance came for an abusive and neglected home for 8 years. I only had him for 1 1/2  years.  In that short time he taught me so much and gave me so much.  He taught me to have patience and take my time when it comes to animals that were severely abused I just wish I had him here to thank him for that.  When we first got Chance he bit me on the wrist, which I ended in the hospital for blood poisoning and I never got mad at him and never hit him I do not believe in that.  This may sound strange that just made my heart grow stronger with love for him.  He bit my husband in the leg cause my husband got his tail stuck in the door, so I can see that one.  Everyone that I knew told me 2 put him 2 sleep and there was no way on this earth that I could do that 2 him.  So we just went on and just watched we did with him and my love 4 him even grew stronger, then what do you know he bit me on the foot, but I just laughed that one off again I scared him.  When the time came for Chance 2 cross the Rainbow Bridge on July 12 2010, he gave me a kiss on the lips and I had no idea he was saying good bye 2 me, I am so stupid for that.  Then he went into a grand-mal seizure, a coma  Then on the 12 he looked at my husband as he ran up stairs for less then 10 seconds and when he came down he was gone and so was my heart.  I can not get over this hurt and I miss him so damn much, I am having a real hard time moving on.  He was my lil man and baby boy and I love him so much.  Rest In Peace my Chance I miss you and love you with all my heart and soul.  Love your mom, I just hope you are happy you deserve that and the best you always have.  I love you Chance   
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Oh my, what a beautiful boy. How much he loved you for saving him, and giving him some love. How lucky was he, that you understood about the abuse, and gave him the chance to trust you and to heal.
My dog, taught me sooo much as well, she continues to, because I feel her love so strong inside me, and that makes me want to continue to grow, in the ways she showed me...offering sunshine, and love to others.
When you have that kind of deep bond with your fur baby, it doesn't just get over any time soon.
He is free and happy now, and he is your angel baby.  that chord of love you forged with him, is still there and will be there forever.  My prayers and heart are with you. We will be here for you. Judy
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ChancesMom, I'm so appreciative to you for giving him the chance to experience love and a good home after being in that abusive situation for so long.  Most people would have given up on him after the bite.  What patience and unconditional love you showed.  That is a beautiful story.  I'm so sorry you lost him so quickly and unexpectedly.  I promise he is happy now and will be patiently waiting for you.  It can take a long time to grieve and heal.   It's a long process.  Coming here to this site will probably help you.  Here, everyone understands what you are feeling.  You receive support and you can also comfort others, which in turn, has a healing effect on you!  Please tell us more about Chance.  He sounds like quite a special guy.  Again, I'm so sorry for your pain and sadness.  I wish you some comfort soon.

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It has only been 3 days since I lost my beautiful baby boy.  My heart is broken into a million shards.  I feel so lost without him.  You gave Chance a wonderful gift.  After all of his years of abuse he was able to see what love was. Even after all of his biting he kissed you before he left.  It was like he was saying "I know I taught you stuff...but look you taught me too...thank you...I love you."  May both of our hearts heal.  I hope Chance and Brody are making trouble together.

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