It's been 11 days today my Annie pug was taken, it's one of the hardest things I have ever faced, 8 years & shes gone, I was catatonic for 3 days after she passed suddenly, I see her sister watch for her everyday, wondering where sissy is, I thankfully have her (my) gran pugs, and I see her in both of them, it's still hard to look out & not want to tease her, coming home after work & see her sit & wait for me to come to her, she was snobby that way, her sister from another mister was/is always right there at me, wanting love, not my Annie. She was the picture of health & on 1 night taken, I hope animals go to heaven, because she like all the ones before her & after should be in heaven, and hear my words of how much I miss & love her/them, and know they were/are my reason for living, she was my baby girl & I hurt so much because she didn't deserve to be taken!! I will never see her again & that us what hurts most, so praying all animals go to heaven!! I just miss her!! she was my baby girl!! As I type these words, I pray she & all hear how much I loved them!! crazy or not, I don't care what others think about my loss!! she like her left behind family loves her & misses her, what I would give for 1 more day with her!!!!
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I am so sorry for your loss of your baby Annie. She knows how much you loved her. It is awful to loose them . The grief is unbearable. I was in a fog the first few days I lost my beloved Sadie. I had to put her down due to renal failure on feb 18th. I had her for 7 and a half wonderful years. Unfortunately when it is their time to go there is nothing we can do, only let them. All our babies are waiting for us. What a reunion that will be.
Wishing you peace and healing
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Hi Chrisnva,
I'm so sorry that you lost your beautiful pug, Annie. I really believe that you will see her again - just not in this life and that is hard to accept and so painful. I know you would have given her lots of love and you can be proud of that. I'm sure she would want you to move on and be happy but I understand that you will need to grieve her loss first. Try and be kind to yourself and patient during this difficult time.
Hugs, MJ
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