Hi. My name is Kate. On July 13th I carried my once in a lifetime dog Alfie into the vets and held him as he was given freedom from heart failure.

He licked my hand on the short car journey as he knew I was upset and he wanted to comfort me. I had almost 13 years with this beautiful soul whose entire life revolved around keeping one eye on me and one on a tennis ball. Alfie was a golden English cocker spaniel. I remember the day I got him as a twelve week old bundle of fun.

And I feel like I blinked and now he's gone. And I am so heartbroken. I wake most nights at 3am and for a second I forget as I hear my other dogs gently snoring. And it's like a shock of pain to realise it isn't him. I have lost dogs before in my life but I am struggling to accept the loss of Alfie. He loved me utterly and without any conditions.

I miss the small silly things. Like sitting halfway up the stairs barking at me to go to bed early if it was stormy weather just so he could snore under the duvet! I miss him waiting for me to dip a biscuit in my tea so that he could have it. I miss him knowing that I needed my top dog just to sit on my lap for a chat after a hard day at work. I miss his always wagging tail. It never stopped until that second when he was gone.

I miss him. My great dog
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Kate I’m so sorry. I know how much pain you’re in, no words can describe the hurt. Oh my gosh him licking your hand brings tears to my eyes, they love us soo much. You loved him with all your heart and rather than let him hurt you took the pain on yourself. You’ve found a good place and we know how lost you feel right now. Keep writing it does help some to know others feel for their babies as strongly as you do, hugs,,,,,
Lynn, Tankie’s mom, forever
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I am so sorry for the loss of your Alfie. Our boys got to the Bridge just a week apart-I helped Rookie on 7/20. It sounds like Alfie loved to play fetch.... hopefully Rookie and Alfie are playing together. ❤❤

I loved that he'd bark at you to go to bed early!! Sometimes when I fell asleep on the couch Rookie would just come over and stare at me until I woke up. It was unsettling, but gosh how I miss it.

I will keep you and Alfie in my thoughts.
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