I had to put my fur baby Abby to sleep yesterday . She was sixteen years old and became extremely sick . Although she was on meds ex she just was getting worse and although I wanted her to pass away at home it was obvious that she was in pain and stopped eating, drinking, she was no longer our Abby . She was dying.. My heart is broken
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Hi Lilian,
I am so sorry for your loss! Abby looks like an adorable cat. Letting her go and taking away her pain is the final gift that you could give her so you can be proud that you had the strength to do that for her. I know how incredibly difficult it is though. We had to let Bailey, our little shih tzu go because he was so ill back in November. Thinking of you and wishing you peace.
Hugs, MJ
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I'm so sorry for your loss of Abbey, she is beautiful. I know how painful this is to let them go. At least she isn't suffering anymore. Hugs to you <3
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Lilian  In 2005, I had to have my Mini Schnauzer, Max of 13 yrs old put to sleep also.  He was on meds as was your Abbey.  I guess there comes a time when meds are just not enough, and old age takes over.  You did exactly what you should have done.  None of us ever ever wants to see our babies suffer.   Abbey is at peace now, no more pain.  Once again, you gave her a final gift of your love.  Blessings  Sue
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My heart aches for your loss of sweet Abby. I truly believe that she is now playing, peacefully with my babies and continuing to watch over you. May you have peace soon...HUGS & KISSES from Abby =^..^=
-MoireErin (KG)
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I'm so sorry about Abby.  I know your pain is great.  You were there for her all of her life.  I went through that recently.  Give yourself the comfort you need.  It is shocking to have them one day and then feel that absence.  Talk to Abby - tell her what your feelings are.  Even if you don't believe that she hears you, you need to express these thoughts.  Comfort yourself as best you can.  I am so sorry.  Here for you.
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