is going to die! And I can’t cope with it! He is an adorable tuxedo that I adopted from a shelter; so beautiful and affectionate! He has a tail like a fox!
I am devastated..the Vet doesn't give me any hope as this is a fatal virus. He has not eaten in 10 days, his belly is swollen with the hirrible fluids..but he purrs when he sleeps next to me. I am torn apart as I don’t know when it will be time to take him ‘there’! Arturo dorsn’t serm to suffer as he rarely meows. Is there anybody I can talk to??
Desolate Danielle
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If he hasn't eaten in 10 days, his liver is permanently and fatally damaged.  He is most certainly in pain. Do the right thing by him and relieve his suffering. It is the right thing to do.
Sorry if that sounds harsh, but cats cannot go over 3 days without food or their liver begins to fail.

Bertie's Daddy
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