Last Saturday my precious baby Tabitha was killed, quite deliberately, by a person staying next door who thought it was good sport to deliberately set his fighting dog on her. While we rushed her to the vet the person quickly left the town.    We live in Spain and animal welfare is of no importance and the police are not interested.   The owner of the house will not even give us the details of the person he was loaning the house to and says it is nothing to do with him. I feel so angry, bitter and helpless and I can't stop crying. Nobody here understands - the neglect of animals in this country is horrendous. I miss her so much, she was the most loving kitten I have ever met. We had only had her a few months after rescuing her from a shelter but she filled our lives with so much love.  We have buried her in a beautiful spot in the countryside on the hills looking down over the lake with her toy mouse in her little paws.  I just can't stop thinking about her horrible end and I am so filled with hate (I hasten to add I don't blame the dog, only the owner).  I don't feel I can go on any more especially surrounded by people who have no care for animals at all.
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first off i am sorry about your Tabitha and I too would be extremely pissed off cuz of the way this happened and never should have. I really wish the police would help you they can at least find out the owner of who did this and have them pay the vet bill, and just letting them know what they did was so wrong and now your baby was taken away much too soon. Please know the good in you for rescuing this precious soul and your Tabitha loves you so much. 

Maybe just make a call to the police and see if they can do "anything" just so this does not happen down the road again to another defensless pet.


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My deepest condolences my dear on the loss of your beloved Tabitha. It is so difficult to lose a pet but to know that someone deliberately caused her death is so horrendous. I do not live in Spain and I'm sure you are much better acquainted with the laws but it might be worth a try to at least report this to the police in the context of: "if a person deliberately planned something so cruel to an animal then that person could be a danger to other people". They may not care about animal welfare as much but if this person could then harm other people (based on the callousness of his action with regard to your cat) they may be inclined to take it more seriously.
Meanwhile Your heart is broken because of the way your beautiful cat died. All you can be responsible for is your own actions and you took this cat in from a shelter and gave her a real home with love. Her last moments were not good to be sure but I would be inclined to think that her adrenaline was pumping so high she most likely didn't feel much pain. (That's one good thing about adrenaline.) I'm sorry to bring that up but I feel it may be on your mind. Remember if you can, that Tabitha got to know what it was like to have a real home and happiness and some animals never know that. I am so sorry for all the pain you have and I can reallyand truly understand your anger. I think anyone would feel the same. Best of luck. Please do come back and post any updates about the police or even if you are missing your girl and feel like writing about her during this time of grief. All the best my dear and again I am truly sorry.
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I am so sorry for your tragic loss of your baby Tabitha. What a sad story to read. I cannot even express in words how sorry I feel. Always know Tabitha will always be with you. Remember all the love and memories you had with her. Breathe and know we all know the pain of your loss. We are here for you during this diffucult time. Keep talking about it. It will take time and many tears. I don't know much about Spain. What I do know, is that we care very much! Take one day at a time. You are not alone! Again, I am deeply sorry for your loss...
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Oh I am so sorry. This us a really sad story. Poor little tabitha. I can understand your anger and sadness and I personally don't know how I would cope with this. I would be do angry also at the home owner. Sadly the world is full of horrible people that do horrible things. Not just to pets but to children , I don't know how people ever get over horrible things. Please know that we feel your pain. I am in Australia and am sending you big hugs. Here that would of been in the news but obviously Spain is different. I still feel sad 6 months later and my kitty oassed from old age but your story is so much sadder so it will take a long time . Please hang in there. I've also read other posts on here with similar tragic stories. I'm hoping those people will reach out to you. Big hugs. Elle
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