Our elderly, gentleman feline buddy died four months ago this morning. Not a day goes by without tears and a terrible heart ache. Time is not lessening the grief. It may be making it worse. I would give everything I possess for just one more morning lap sit while he purred his beautiful deep purr as I stroked this throat and rubbed his back. Absolutely everything!! This is a wonderful site where others can and do understanding eachothers feelings, But, nothing seems to be helping  overcome the terrible sense of total emptiness. I fear I may be  losing my mind. The pain is horrible.

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I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved cat. Perhaps you need to visit a shelter in your area and open your heart to a new friend. No one can ever replace the one who is lost. I know that but maybe what you need right now is the soft fur and comfort that only an animal can provide. My heart goes out to you. I know the pain you are feeling. Please post again to let us know how you are doing.

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I feel your pain and understand. On 09-04-09 I had to help my Jasmine to The Bridge, and not a day goes by without tears, without guilt, without regrets, without missing her. Buddy will always be in your heart.

My thoughts and prayers are with you today as you continue to mourn the loss of Buddy.

Cheryl and Angel Jasmine
Cheryl and Angel Jasmine
Jasmine was loved
Jasmine was given ProIn
Jasmine is now gone
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At times I  feel the same way  Bob.  My Sarah passed away last Thursday morning and a day hasn't gone by yet that I haven't cried my eyes out.  I've been reading the Bible and a couple other books that help a lot, and for a while I think I'm doing better, then I'll remember something about her or turn to look at an area where she use to sit, and the floodgate of tears opens up again. Sometimes it feels like I'm never going to get use to her not being here. I know as time goes by it will get better. I believe it just takes longer for some people than others.  For me at this point I think it's going to take years because I miss her so much.  I'm confident I'll see her again someday when I get to heaven but it seems like such a long time away.  I miss her and I want her with me now.
As I said in one of my other posts, I would give my right arm if I could have her back just one more day so I could hold her in my arms and hug and kiss her and let her no how much I love her and miss her.

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Bob, first of all I send you continued prayers of healing on this marker.  $ months is such a short time in our loss , I look back on my 3 losses and I can remember those early days and how I felt the exact same way you are feeling now.  Grieving and sadness is all a part of our healing. 
I know you don't feel as though you will ever be able to smile or be happy again and when you do you will feel guilt over that it is all a part of the circle of healing. 
Perhaps when and if your heart is ready you could think of honoring your baby by loving another that is in need , now this is my way of healing to love and try to care for all those who don't have a voice .  BUT for you it may not be the thing you should do, some volunteer , some just allow the grieving process to come full circle for them whatever your path is KNOW that you are not alone we are here for you.
Prayers of continued healing coming your way'
Debbie Princess, Kaizer and Maddie's mom

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