We said our long good bye to our beloved Bud back in late January helping him to cross the Rainbow Bridge after almost 17 years with us. The look of absolute peace on his face let us know we did what he needed. He brought us such joy, and we miss him so very much! We’ve been lost souls since that time. In late June after a lot of soul searching and research we brought home a puppy-same breed and similar temperament but a bit of a different personality. She brings us joy and love too, but I still find myself tearing up unexpectedly like at church where there is a St Francis figure holding a dog. We will always miss and love our little Bud and have a hole in our hearts. Having the new puppy gives us a renewed purpose and her love keeps us moving forward with a sad but loving longing for our beloved Bud. We planted two butterfly bushes in his memory, and one bloomed, which made me cry thinking about him chasing after butterflies. The circle of life brings tears and joy.
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Hi budsmother,
I just read your lovely post. I understand how you feel. When we lost our beloved Bailey (after 15+ yrs) we adopted another little dog, Charlie. We love him so much and he brings us happiness but we will always miss our other precious boy. What you are feeling is normal and it's okay to still miss your beautiful Bud; especially after 17 wonderful years together.
I love your idea of planting the butterfly bushes and they too will being a tinge of sadness along with the happy memories of Bud chasing butterflies. You are so right about the 'circle of life' and you stated it so beautifully. ❤️ I am so sorry for your loss!
Hugs, MJ
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Moving forward with sadness and joy...what a fitting title for this thread. I am so sorry for your loss and happy you are opening your heart to another baby. I'm sure your baby Bud is smiling down on you and is going to help and guide your new baby. They bring so much joy into our lives and when they pass they take a piece of our hearts with them that we will never get back. The hole remains and the sadness lingers, but we have so much more love to give and our hearts are so big that it makes sense to open it up and share that love with another deserving soul. And yes, the circle of life is unavoidable but the hopefully the joy far outweighs the tears.
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