Hi everyone my 6 month old kitten of 4 months has died recently and it's been so hard to cope. Just reaching out for some comfort and reassurance. Ghost was a total darling, extremely mischievous, clever and so so loving. He constantly purred and was always with me when I stayed up late or cuddled next to me in bed to sleep. He died very suddenly of suspected poisoning after I left for work on Wednesday. It was so unexpected and I feel so much like I let him down. I adopted him to care for him and make his life happy and I like to think he was happy as he made me happy too. But allowing him to die in such a way breaks my heart. The person that poisoned him is pure evil. He had so many years ahead of him I just wish he could have lived long and grown to be big and healthy. My heart aches thinking about losing him.
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Oh, such a beautiful kitty! That is horrifying that someone would poison a defenceless little animal!
I know you feel like somehow you should have prevented it but as you said this was an evil act and nothing that you could ever foresee happening. Even though Ghost was robbed of so much of his life, you obviously loved him very much. The 4 months he had with you were undoubtedly very happy ones and sometimes it really is more about quality than quantity. It's so sad that you couldn't have hadn't more time together but I know that you have gave Ghost so much love and and a very happy life for the time that you did have together. I also believe that he knows how much you love him and that you will see each other again one day. I'm so sorry for your terrible loss! 😔 Sending hugs,
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I'm so sorry for your loss of Ghost. I totally agree with MJ. Your quality time is what matters when life is cut short. Whether we had the person or fur baby for months or years it's the quality of the relationship that matters most.
You had short time but I'm sure you loved and cherished that baby and gave Ghost the happiest life he could have dreamed of.

As far as these very ill people that chose to harm animals, there is so much in this forum regarding this. If there is evidence press charges. People that hurt animals are not very healthy people. They need to be punished for what they do to defenseless populations.

Again I'm so sorry for the loss of your beautiful baby
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I'm so sorry for your tragic loss. He was a beautiful cat. Know that Ghost is grateful for all you did for him and knows that you love him. Animals always know.
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