Hello all,
I was just thinking that Mother's Day is Sunday. I am just so sad thinking that my canine daughter won't be here to share the day with me. She was my daughter and I was her mother. As I have said before in other posts, I have a wonderful son here on earth and a angel baby daughter in heaven. Sadie was truly my canine daughter and God's gift to help my family heal. Sadie was our love. She helped us through so much. Hard night tonight. The tsunami of emotions have come to drown me yet again. I will survive because of all the support I have received over the last couple of months from people on this forum who I know loved their babies as much as I loved Sadie. I am going to try and go to a pet adoption event on Saturday. I need to see some fur babies. Not sure if I can really go through with it. I so need a fur baby to love. I just can't seem to feel really good about it. I keep thinking how can I get another furbaby in Sadie's house. I keep going over and over it in my head. I am driving myself crazy.
Any advice appreciated.
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Tammy   I was going crazy without another pet in my life and house also.  I had the same reservations you have.  How can I bring another baby into WINSTONS home? I started fostering a little dog.  I came to be so fond of him, I didn't want anyone else to adopt him, so I did.  He is NOT to replace my boy Winston, as no dog could EVER. But I needed a dog in my life.

When Winston passed it was the first time since I was 12 i didn't have a pet. It just didn't feel right at all.  My daughter and husband offered to get me another Bulldog.  I outright refused.  I didn't know how Winston would feel about another dog in his house.  But my lonliness and need overcame me.  Now I have Peanut.  He fills my days with something to do and care for.  I am going to continue to foster also.  It just feels right to me.  I hope this will help with your decision.  Good Luck and Hugs   Sue
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tammy, earlier i was thinking the same thing - mother's day last year roxie was here with me and all was right with the world.  it will never be the same but i am certain Sadie knows how you love her and she you, and i'm sure she would want you to share the deep love your heart holds with another furbaby and she is still there with you in spirit.  this sunday is indeed going to be a rough one for many of us, but with the grace of the most holy mother mary and each other we will get through.  many hugs for you.  who knows, perhaps Sadie will find a perfect adoptive furbaby for you Saturday.  i mean, she always made you happy and now she sees you so sad without her...and your love for furbabies hasn't stopped, that is clear.  when it's time to welcome a new furbaby, it will be ok.  many hugs
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Tammy, One way to decide about getting another pet is that you'd be honoring Sadie's memory by giving another fur baby love and a home with you. Sometimes we think that the love available in our hearts is measured and that there's only love for one. In reality, love has no boundaries at all and will grow to make room for as many pets as you care to welcome into your life ❤️ When you're ready, it's the best way to mend your broken heart.
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Hi Tammy, we had Mothers Day here in the UK a few weeks ago, and it was yet another " first" without my Jim.  There are just so many firsts though, each one a hurdle to be got over, and all bring back memories of our very special little friends. Like you, I still get overwhelmed sometimes with emotion - the reality kicks in,  its so hard.  Just see how you feel at the pet adoption on Saturday,  Sadie will let you know if the time is right, and she may even guide you to another little friend. I so miss having a dog around to love and care for, and I also think I could not bring another dog into Jims home. but as Robin2003 says, it would be honoring their memory by reaching out to another little soul. No dog could ever replace Sadie or Jim, they were our Once in a Lifetime dogs, but I think our compassion and just the need to share our lives with another furry friend will see us through .

                                                    Sending you big hugs, Jackie
J Taylor
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I so agree with Robin.  There are so many unwanted pets that would LOVE to have a canine mom like you and I think Sadie would want that love to go to one of her fur baby brothers or sisters.  I think you should go to the event Saturday and get your fur fix.  I didn't want to go to the shelter where I volunteer after Eddie and Henry died but my son dragged me up there one day and it was probably the first time I had smiled in weeks.  Our dogs are SO loving and unselfish I truly don't think they would ever think you are trying to replace them.  When you have that much love to give, you should give it.
Sue E
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