To All of the Dear Mom's and Dad's this weekend:

I sat outside in my backyard and fed the squirrels. Before I knew it, yes, the tears came flowing. Interesting in how you never know when the 'meltdown' is coming. I just walked inside and started thinking of how much I wanted my Freckles to be sitting out there with me, but the truth is he is not, nor will he be in this lifetime. The blessing is that I know his essence/Spirit is here and I know that! Talk to him all of the time. Doesn't stop the tears so I let them come as they will. Then I take a deep breath.

I know Mother's Day weekend is an array of emotions for most. I am the Mother of a dear Fur Baby named Freckles. My HEART...AS ALL OF YOU I... KNOW! (Hearts) ...Call me crazy, doesn't matter. In honor of my own Mom and Frecks whom I can't see...Purchasing 2 bouquets of flowers and while @ Ocean, will give them to 2 different people..following my instinct. I will know whom they are. May sound 'crazy' to some..I can assure it's not.."To Give Is To Receive"....It's my lil 'thing' to honor on that day. I do it for myself honestly!

For those whom grieve big time..I send my heart. I will have a huge hole until I reunite with My Freckles!

Until then..well, I just have to try in whatever way I can, to add something good to this 'WORLD"..
Just A Good Thought works... Something kind each day..Just something! (hearts)

Our babies gave us so much ...I added this video...I know it starts with me:) Love! Love! Forgiveness!
Be well! Love To All Here And Our Babies!  (Huge Hearts)  Happy Mother's Day!! Don't forget how utterly awesome you are as Moms !!!!!.

Forgiveness Is So Much More:

It is within this unexplored territory of my heart in which I weep from the depth of my soul. It is also at same, the fountain of Light in which I now dare to seek.
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Thank You! Hugs to you this weekend!

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Thank you Jim! It just had to come out. Can't hold in my 'truth' or 'our' truth any longer.
'We are One'  Thank God... Blessings! Betsy  :)

It is within this unexplored territory of my heart in which I weep from the depth of my soul. It is also at same, the fountain of Light in which I now dare to seek.
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Very beautiful ...Thanks
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Absolutely Beautiful.
Thank you very much for sharing.
Don & Vera
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Betsy...........For some of us, are furbabies are all we have, and I've come to the conclusion that love is love; it doesn't matter if it's for a human, and animal, or your grandmothers much loved chipped teapot...........danzey
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That is beautiful. Some people looked at me like I was crazy when I said I had a 14 year old son and he was a cat. They didn't think I had a right to call myself a mother, but that's what I was/am. Good friends would always wish me a happy mother's day. This will be my first one without my baby Bobby. Sending prayers to all of us that we find peace.

-Brittany & Bobby
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So very beautiful!! Thank-you so very much. I am inspired by your positive attitude and the way you have chosen to express it. Yes, Love and Forgiveness are really two big keys to  opening up and reaching the heart. Our furbabies really taught us about that didn't they?  They always felt that we were the perfect moms, they loved and forgave us all of our imperfections.
   How can we not help but to have a "total meltdown" from time to time missing them!  Hugs and Blessings to you and your beloved furbaby, Freckles....................Sincerely, Andrea, Coco's momma.
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Thanks for sharing...Barbra one of my favorites.

Jonancy...Scooters mama
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Happy Mother's Day to you all......may you all reflect today on the happy fun memories of our babies
(Tux's Mom)
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Thank You so much for your post and the video. The tears started rolling down my cheeks this morning as soon as I opened my eyes. The most fulfilling thing in my life for the last thirteen years has been being a mom to my Lily. Loving her filled my life with meaning and purpose beyond the relationships I had with wonderful family and friends. The blessing of walking with her all these years has been the lessons she taught me about acceptance, unconditional love, nurturing, comfort, forgiveness, mindfulness, and taking things in stride. In her honor I work to give myself all these things that she gave me and taught me about during our treasured time together. The last six months of my life have been so scary. Sadness that I can barely comprehend, much less sit with. I'm new to this site so I believe that reaching out to others will offer some of the comfort that I know Lily would want for her Mommy on Mother's Day.
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Lovely sentiments and lovely, timeless (and timely) lyrics.    We are all "perfectly imperfect" -- that's what unconditional love is all about.   Forgive, reach out -- that's how we need to roll. 

Hearts (!) and big love back to you,  Freckle's Mom.  I'm sure that those bouquets of flowers will put smiles on 2 lucky faces today.  :)

In friendship, and sending love to you and everyone,
Grace and  Twirlie

"Now that the time has come
 Soon gone is the day,
 There upon some distant shore
 You will hear me say,
 Long as the day in the summer time
 Deep as the wine-dark sea,
 I'll keep your heart with mine
 Till you come to me"  (LM)

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Thank you for sharing
This and your way of honoring your Freckles is really lovely

Peace and many blessing to you

Happy Mothers Day!
Bee- "Good night sweet prince & flights of angels see thee to thy rest"
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Thanks so much for sharing the video and the beautiful sentiment.  You are not crazy, our beautiful Furbabies changed our lives forever and it is fitting to honor them the best way we can for the rest of our lives.  I find myself trying to do good deeds, help and understand where people are coming from, and be open to other animals in all ways.  I will release balloons again today for my Dali, who is as much a daughter to me as my human one.  The tears flow freely and I know I will be with her again one day, just not on this Earth.  Hugs to you and Freckles from me and Dali..   Happy Mothers day to everyone who is fortunate enough to be the mother of a furbaby/furangel.

Dali, as much a daughter as any human...  pure love
Until we meet again

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