I hate waking up. I don’t like not hearing my sweet boy’s nails on the the floor as he too has heard the alarm and is coming to make sure I heard it too. If I am not quite ready he would jump up and lay down so close to me it was practically on me. We would snuggle. I miss his fur, I miss his warmth, and miss his smell. I hate the mornings.
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My condolences on your loss and I am sorry that you are having to go through this terrible pain.
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I feel for you
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My heart goes out to you. We said goodbye to our most beloved Chance Monday. Morings are almost unbearable.
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I understand that the morning is difficult (night is for me to). I used to have a routine where I would cover Mija with a blanket every morning before leaving for work. London always went "roo roo" to go outside and be fed and occasionally beg for a car ride. It's difficult as well to wake up to not see London's body stretched on my side of the bed and Mija slept in the crate right next to me. I greeted them by going "Bye girls, mama is going to work, I love you." It is hard that little things throw you off. My husband meant to say one of our other dog's name and said London by accident, kind of a jab that she's gone.
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I’m very sorry, I sure Understand, mornings are not the same since our girl passed.
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