On Wednesday I was planning on taking my sweet little terrier to the dog park for the first time. She had so much energy the night before, we ended up running for two blocks on our walk. I was planning a little morning just for her. I was going to take her to the dog park near downtown. I turned around and she had somehow gotten out of her harness and took off running. I ran after her as long as I could and kept running when she was out of sight. A few minutes later I got a call and a woman had picked her up after she was hit. She ran over a mile and a half in less than ten minutes. I met the woman at the vet but she was already gone. I was absolutely devastated!!
This little ten pound terrier had been my light at the end of a really dark tunnel and a life saver after a long battle with depression and then she was just gone.
I’m absolutely heartbroken! I live alone and being here without her is agonizing. She helped keep my insomnia under control and now it’s back in full force.

I know now, because of her, that I am meant to have dogs in my life, I feel bad for already wanting to look for another dog and also feel like she was the perfect dog and don’t know how I could have another.

I just miss her so much!
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I feel ur pain lost my baby girl two weeks ago she was so perfect in everyway I just can't get over it that she is gone my heart is broke I didn't eat or sleep for 10 days I just miss her so much
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Dear Gillian, 

I am so so sorry and saddened to read of your recent loss. What occured with your little girl evidently happens all the time. Them slipping out of harnesses and running away and getting hit. There are numerous other posts here sharing a similar tragic story like yours. I totally understand your not being able to eat. I had to force myself too at one point as I was just shutting down. My sleep was also terrible. Many of us go through / went through what you are experiencing. Many of us also were helped through our depression through our beloved pets. Please know that you are not alone in what you are going through. We are with you in spirit and comradeship.

I also felt that I could not get another pet. But my paths crossed with one that needed my help and friendship and now we are the very dearest of friends. I am so relieved each and every day that I took him in and adopted him. He has brought love, light and joy back into my life that I never expected to feel again. There are so, so many desperate, lonely, scared dogs and cats out there in the World in need of help and a home. Please don't feel bad if you extend a helping hand and a loving heart to them. They would be very grateful if you end up helping one or more.

My kindest regards and sincerest condolences,
James (Proud Papa of the cats Marmalade and now KID)
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I'm so very sorry what A sweet pup.
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