My baby boy max had so many people who loved him... I’m getting condolence calls and food and flowers... can I invite people for him to the memorial?? How do I do that... ??  And I want to be there for others who are feeling this awful pain. I wasn’t prepared. I never understood...
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I am sorry to hear. I never felt this pain myself and my sweet Toby passed away yesterday morning. I don’t know how to grieve. No one understands that Toby wasn’t just an “animal” or a “pet”...he was my best friend. I had to call “lap of dogs” that morning for them to come take his body away and cremate it and sprinkle it at the pet cemetery. My mom couldn’t let go of his body....the lady had to pry her away. She gave him his favorite blanket to take with. My relatives make fun of my mom and I because they don’t understand the bond Toby and us shared. After I am done grieving (whenever that will be)...I plan on compiling videos and pictures for his memorial. It’s okay to invite people to the memorial if they are comfortable with it. But due to COVID, if they can’t, then there’s always FaceTime or zoom. 
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Prayers are with you for the passing of your precious Toby.

When you create a Monday Candle Tribute you will receive an email with all the Ceremony details. You can forward the link to the Candlelight service room to friends and family. There is no special login requirements, all are welcome.

I would suggest arriving early so you can become comfortable using the room.

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Hugs to you as you and your mom go through this.  People who are not "pet" people do not understand the incredible impact our furry family members make on our lives just because they are not human.  The people on this forum are very loving and helpful and know exactly how you are feeling.

Bless you and your mom.
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