On Monday I made the decision to put molly to sleep. My little dog. She was 13 and I have her sister from the same litter polly still with me.
I knew she was slowing down as she couldn't climb on the sofa or go for walks but she seemed OK. I thought maybe a few more years as she enjoyed her food and still had life in her. Never needed to take her to the vets. Friday night she was fine eating and playing by Saturday morning she was weak and lifeless almost. I just knew she was dying. I cried all weekend and willed her to pass in her sleep.
At the vets they said she had a heart murmur and kidney failure the kindest thing would be to let her go. She passed peacefully.
I had her almost 14 years half my life. Her and poll have been every where with me. I am lost. I know it was the right thing to do but I keep thinking she's still here and then realising she's gone.
Polly hasn't seem to notice much. Is this normal? I take her for walks but she is sleeping a lot more is that boredom or grief? I'm lost and miss my little girl.
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Hi Charlotte,

I am so, so sorry for the loss of your precious Molly, you gave Molly the most loving and courageous last thing you could ever give and that was you didn't let her suffer. I have the up-most respect and admiration for people like yourself, who had to make that gut wrenching decision, one I am sure wasn't easy to make, but you gave Molly the most loving honor you can ever give.

When you feel up to it I would love to hear more about your precious Molly, maybe even post a photo of her and of Polly, I always enjoy seeing everyone's precious babies.

May the warm and loving memories of your Molly bring such peace to your heart and soul, let Molly's love surround your heart and help you mend, it takes time Charlotte, so no need to rush or push yourself, one moment at a time,  one step at a time, one day at a time, use the love Molly fills your heart with to help you through each and every day.
It's ok to be lost, come her for support on when you need a helping hand, this place has the most wonderful people you will find anywhere.

Sending my most positive healing thoughts your way, hold Molly close to your heart Charlotte and you will always feel her love, never will your precious girl not send her love back to you.

Sincerely, Don & Vera

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Thank you for your kind words. Meant a lot to me to read.
I really like that little verse what you attached to the message it's lovely.
She was a lovely cute little thing. Her and her sister gave me great comfort and love over the years. It's hard to get my head round her not being here. I know in time I will heal. I made the right choice to end any potential suffering with her before it got too bad so I do feel at peace with that just hard to believe my constant companion is not here.
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Hello Charlotte, I'm so sorry you lost your beloved Molly! I think you did make the right decision to end her pain and give her peace. But I know it's so hard to live without them. Does Polly seem excited to go on your walks? I think she may be depressed as you've all been together a long time. It will be helpful for you to spend time with Polly and hopefully you can share your grief and help each other through this sad time. I do believe that animals grieve. Please take good care!
Hugs and sympathy,
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Hi Charlotte,

So sorry to hear about Molly. It is a natural tendency to want to keep our furry babies with us as long as we can and so it takes a lot of courage and love to make the decision to euthanize a pet.  You made the right decision.   

Dogs are very sensitive to what is happening around them.  When my chihuahua got sick and died  4 years ago my remaining dog Max turned grey overnight.  He was very depressed, mopping around refusing to eat. Max would look around the house for Cheech and sit had the front door with his leash on refusing to go out….waiting for Cheech.  I was a heart breaker.  For the first week I was into my own grief and couldn't help him much.  Then I realized that he was feeding off of me and I knew that as the pack leader I had to stand up and lead us both through our grief.  We went on more walks, car rides, played games………and we both came out of it.  I still had my moments, but they did not consume me as they had before and so they did not consume him.
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