Dear Tasha,

It will be 4 months next week since your mother and I lost you. I still come here to the Rainbow's Bridge forum many days --- because I feel emotionally and lovingly closer to you here than I do anywhere else. 

Your mother and I still talk about you every day. Usually many times. I am the emotional one, the one having more difficulty letting go of you. I don't cry every day any more. BUT I do cry some days still. Some days I still really wail and make noises I cannot believe as I grieve over you. 

But I am getting better. I promise. I am doing much better. I would not lie to you about this. It is just so hard, to let go of you, and understand and accept the realities of you leaving us. 

You were the biggest joy in my entire lifetime. And the joy was constant. For 10 years. I tell people that you were the most important relationship of my lifetime (I'm in my 60's). And everyone does not understand. 

If I had a 100 million dollars exactly to my name. I would spend it all today, every penny, if I could buy the opportunity to relieve all those special years and special times again with you. All 10 years. Each and every day of them. 

We love you deeply Tasha. We will forever. We plan to be with you again. When it is our time. 

Love, Tasha's Dad
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Oh Tasha's Dad I understand how important your relationship with Tasha is to you. Your words expressing your grief are so eloquent and convey just how deep your loving bond with Tasha is. I won't use past tense because that bond is forever. I do believe you will see her again. When that time comes you'll never have to part again.

Big hugs to you,

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So beautiful. I agree entirely. I would do the same.
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Dear Tasha's Dad:
My heart grieves for you. It is true - there is no love more innocent and pure than that of our four-legged children. It almost defies understanding... but our hearts understand this language of love better than any words can convey. For all we're told that matter and energy are universal constants, nothing is more constant than this unconditional love.
I don't know what you may believe. But I do not doubt for a moment that Tasha is there beside you now, just as she has always been. If she could, she would put her head in your lap and comfort you this very minute.
When Tasha was still with you, did you and your wife ever leave to run errands - or even take a trip - that required you to leave her at home? How did she greet you when you returned? Whether it was something consistent, or a constantly shifting panorama of joyful expressions, Tasha waited patiently for you both, watching and listening so she'd be ready to welcome you. She's doing that now. Live as fully as you can for as long as you can, so that you will have a full heart - and someday, even, a glad heart again - to greet her with when it's time for you to be reunited. But I have no doubt that you are right - you will be together again.
Until then, bless you all.
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Big hugs to you.
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It'll be 4 months the 8th since I had to say goodbye to my sweet black cat Raven. I think about her and talk to her and still cry every day. I can't bring myself to put anything in the spot on the bed where she slept the last part of her life. It's affected my entire life. I'm cross with my friends lost my appetite and nervous all the time. Like you this forum is the only place I feel the closest to her. It's like talking to everyone on here and giving them support as well as receiving it is keeping her beautiful loving spirit alive. There's days you just don't know if you can function. It's normal to still want to scream and cry. I talk to the air like she's in one of her spots she liked to hang out. I ask her for help, for advice, to watch over us all. She's kind of my guardian angel now, like she was when she was alive. There's days I still just don't know what to do. You're definitely not alone here. These babies come into our lives for a reason and when they leave it it takes a huge chunk of your heart and soul along.
Hugs to you and everyone here 🐱
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