My beloved Lily,

I can't believe it has been almost 2 weeks, everyday feels like an eternity without you yet the pain makes it feel like yesterday I said goodbye. You were my last, best friend. I miss your sweet loving face and the way that you didn't want me out of your sight. If you were in the living room on your favorite pillow and I was in the kitchen, you would peek around the corner every so often to make sure I was still there. I still can't bring myself to fluff that pillow or even clean up the living room yet, your hair and smell is still in there. If I was in the shower, you would come in the bathroom and just stand there and wait for me to get out, then try to lick my legs dry. When I would come home you would hear my car and I would hear your excited little barks. I know you are in a place now of no pain and no tears, I try to picture you there every day.

I miss you so much, but I can't stop crying sometimes. Lord, I need your help to get through this day by day.

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That is the sweetest looking face, I love it. You brought back a memory that I haven't thought about for years and years. My Nicky use to do the same thing when I would get out of the shower he would be waiting and would lick my legs. I would say 'you drying daddy?'. He lived to 17 1/2 and stopped doing that when he got older. I had forgotten, so THANK YOU for sharing because you brought back a sweet memory for me on this day. I'm so sorry you have to take this journey but know that we all feel the pain and grief as you do. It's a special bond, it can't be completely explained, but if you are lucky enough, it is truly a blessing bestowed upon us. It just makes the loss so much more difficult, we are never ready for this level of sadness but it will slowly get better as the days and weeks and months go by, the beautiful memories will slowly replace those days of pain and crying. I'm 5 months past and still cry, just not as hard as in the early times. I will think of Lily today as I light my candles for China and Nicky. Bless and may you find comfort.
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Thank you Chinadoll for your reply. And thank you for the candle lighting and remembering my girl. I am going to light one as well tonight for her and your China and Nicky.
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When our pets depart it really does leave an emptiness in our lives. It sounds like you and Lily shared a wonderful time together. Take your time and deal with your loss at your own pace. You are not alone in feeling the way you're feeling.
Davey's Dad
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Lily's Mom,

I very much understand how you are feeling. You have lost your very best friend. And the pain feels unbearable. It has been about 2 weeks. It is a very recent loss. The pain is very raw to you. 

The beloved dog I lost 10 weeks ago also used to watch my wife in the kitchen, peeking around the corner every so often, to study what she was doing and that she was still there. Or me, if I was active in the kitchen. 

You will fluff her pillow and clean up the living room at a later date. There is no hurry. You have not been ready, we understand. Leave her hair and smell there. I still have dog hair that I do not want to clean up and remove from sight in various places around our home after 10 weeks of losing our beloved dog. I understand. Someday I will, when I am ready. But it comforts me to see her dog hair still, on the floor, in various rooms and places. I feel closer to her by leaving it there, and I feel more connected to her still for now by leaving it there. It can stay there for many, many more weeks as far as I feel and want. 

Lily is out of pain. She is in a special place now. There are no tears there, absolutely you are right about all of this. 

You do need to cry, to grieve. It is more than understandable because you loved Lily so much. Let yourself grieve, and don't let others interfere with this with questioning your grieving. Your grieving is about YOUR loss, YOUR pain over losing Lily. 2 weeks is a very short time considering the incredible loved that you and Lily shared. 

Tasha's Dad

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Lilys mom so sorry about Lily I feel the same way it's only been 9 days for me losing Ozzie and I can't do those things either just being at home is the hardest looking for him everywhere used to sleep him lying on my towels waiting for me to get out of the shower everything everything I did Ozzie was there take your time do those things when the time feels ok to do it there is no rush like tashas dad says let your grieve cry it out Lily loved you like you loved her she was everything to you I loved Ozzie so much forever in our hearts
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All of our stories are so similar -- the love, the heartbreak, the grief. After four months I still find some black hair on a window sill and won't clean it. Our crying will subside in due time but those wonderful memories will always be there. eventually our tears will turn into smiles.
Sus Toc
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