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Thank you for the message, Angelina.
Congratulations on Waylon's arrival! Such a wondrous time with your first!
I am glad to hear he is bringing you the joy you have been missing - but I know you still miss Monkey. Even though Monkey isn't with you physically, I hope you are able to feel his spirit when you are up late at night with Waylon.
That is when I know I will miss Fonzie even more...he was always with me when I would get up for our other babies.

I am doing okay. 37.5 weeks now, so could be anytime. It's hard - I still find myself waking up sobbing every night and almost every time I'm alone. I have started to be better about redirecting my mind from the awful images of his last day when he was sickest. I'm trying to focus on a few specific good memories which does help me breathe better.
I completely understand why you need to take a break from this site, though. It is so helpful but also so terribly full of sadness. Sometimes I can't handle it.

Thank you so much and congratulations.
Much love -
I will love and miss you forever, My Fonzie Bear...
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