Morning my big guy.. Oh how I miss the little things now that started and brightened my day before it even began..Feels like yesterday you were so full of excitement and and happiness..I miss those beautiful sad loving incredulous eyes watchful over me and would light up as if a puppy once again oh how you loved to just be alive..I had come to feel the same thru so many struggles that you helped me thru and I want you to know I appreciate every boost to my spirit that you helped give me thru so many hardships..you truly were a blessing to me and my life will always be less without you in it..they say time heals all wounds but the times were best with you in it so I am skeptical it will be so for me..maybe that is the way it should be when you share one heart and it is so unconditional in what you brought..I write to you not to seek closure because I will never have that esp in your sudden loss this I know but maybe I think to feel closer to you and give you the respects you so deservingly should of received in a time cut short..there is alot of regrets many have shared and I am not immune to carrying a whole backpack now in retrospect full of my own that burdens me often now.. Writing helps me unload some of it tho I really try to open the other backpack full of all you were and are and always will be to me.. One of appreciation and your special and how thankful and now missing I am of all you gave.. I hope that I give you some justice after such a quick unexpected ending and on here let you know that dad is alot emptier without you and you are forever missed big guy..just know that your memory and spirit lives on with me always and daddy loves his jazzy boy.. 
George king
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